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Anderson Guitarworks—Extended Family Album

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Yes, it is only Rock & Roll…but…(sing it with us, don't hold back, no one is listening) We like it, like it, yes we do!!!
Bob and Bruce jammin' "Old Time Rock 'n Roll" together.  Such a treat.  Bruce playing Bob's Cobra.  No more really needs to be said.  Read above.  Always appreciated. 

This awesome shot was taken by the amazing photographer Matt York.  The main reason we love this shot so much is that it shows the real heart of the band Bon Jovi—guys who know what it is to be real friends and have mastered the art of staying together. The same band that started it all, still playing together—because they like each other.  Now how totally cool is that? Love it! 

A shot right out of the new video:

Alex Kiedaisch on the roof and jammin’ in the brand new Boyz II Men video with his hollow Drop TopShorty finished in Trans Orange.  A Mahogany-backed, Maple Top body and Chocolate Maple neck are fully supported with Alex's choice of Anderson HC1, SC1 HC2 pickups.

Michael Lent—a great guy and a very longtime Drop Top player.  Michael plays with Barry Manilow, and has for as long as we can remember.  Michael and Barry are both very lucky guys.

(below) Clint Black with his new favorite guitar in the world…a Black (of course, makes sense, right)


And as you’ve probably noticed, his…Dog, is a special breed.  Clint wanted us to outfit his with a vintage tremolo bridge rather than the usual tune-o-matic.  We did, and as a result vintage trem is now an available option for Bulldog. 

Thank you, Clint, you're the best!

Also, he preferred a six–on–a–side style headstock.  For Clint we accomidated.  The usual for Bulldog is three–on–a–side, with straight string pull. 

Ah yes, as we said above, the one-and-only, Clint Black

Ryan Ochsner and Crowdster provide a substantial "acoustic" foundation for Kellie Pickler during a stellar performance at the Grand old Opry
Backstage and ready to go, its total tonal appreciation (probably) from Kellie toward Ryan and his Sheer Plum, "Ande."

Even incredible talent is no barrier for Jeff King, who just may also be the nicest guy in all of music—and that's saying a lot because the music industry is filled with nice people—music helps to bring it out.  Jeff is Reba's guitar player and also the number one studio call in Nashville—so cool.  G chording on The Classic in Trans Plum.
Even when Reba accidently stepped on his foot (I'm guessing here), Jeff never missed a beat.  A true professional.

And Joan has...
such great taste in album covers.  Catch her new CD—Joan and her Anderson, playing the Blues.

Shall We Kneel (genuflect)

Below: a collection of shots of Neal Schon with his Andersons. He recently received 6 new Drop Top Classics—thank you very much.  It is great to have Journey back at it.

Neal's "Andes" racked and ready.

(below) A quick long-shot of all Neal's Drop Top Classics together and smiling before they left the Anderson factory for their new home.  Note the array of pickup variations—some M–series and some hum-canceling single coils—all with humbuckers at the bridge—some covered in chrome (HC–Series) and some with open coils. 

Andre Coutu lends his superlative support to the magic voice of Celine Dion.
(below) One big happy world through music!  An article from The Herald in South Africa.
Andre readying the rig

As we rolled up to the Anderson Factory, there he was just sitting against the wall.  We understood what was needed and placed a Trans Butterscotch, Hollow T Classic in his hands and the rest is history—Clint Black was catapulted to mega–stardome only a week later.

Okay…not really but this is a cool shot of Clint, don't you thnk?

Clint Black and Hayden Nicholas jammin' their Andersons—Clint aboard his Hollow T Classic and Hayden on his beloved Trans Forest Green, Classic.

And Hayden has such great taste in guitar straps too.  Such a cool guy.

(below) Jim West is the remarkable guitarist who plays with Weird Al.  He must be able to play all styles flawlessly and have all kinds of fun at a moment's notice.  Jammin' The Classic, in 3 Color Burst

(below) According to most musical experts, accordions do not actually harm people—merely entertain.
(below) Jim West's cartoon image on The Simpsons. (note the "A" on the headstock, very fun)
But overall and most importantly, Jim is just one very nice guy who makes this planet a better place.  (below) Hanging with a T Classic - Hollow, Cherry Burst finish.

(below) Someone found this article several years ago in a Detroit Newspaper, I think, and sent it to us.  The only thing we really need to know is, it's BobSeger, that is—the guy who started with Old Time Rock & Roll and became a timeless Rock & Roll icon.  Love it!  Love Bob!  Cobra in hand.
He has been a Silver Bullet (Bob's band) for years and years.  He is the guy!  Ladies & Gentleman, it is Mark Chatfield on stage—rockin' a Cobra, finished in Tortoise.
(below) Crowdster alert—during the acoustic set of the show, Crowdster dominates.

(below) the always fun Frankie Sullivan, from the band Survivor, lovin' life. His Arctic Blue Burst, Drop Top Classic raised in celebration.

The one and only, David Crosby hanging with Neil and his Drop Top Classic. Nothing we can say will add to this. 
And the gang's all here