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The Week of January, 1 2001 through January, 8 2001

Pro Am
Sparkle Silver

Happy New Year to you from everyone here at Tom Anderson Guitarworks.

At the stroke of midnight, as the New Year begins, silently make a New Year’s wish for the benefit of the entire world. You never know what your invocation could help bring into manifestation.

Last week we showed you the same festive group picture but this time we will cover an entirely different aspect of this strikingly handsome portrait. Did you notice that everyone pictured is holding a Tom Anderson guitar of some sort—of some sort is the operative phrase however.

Back Row beginning at the top left and moving right is:
Laurie:Holding Tom’s Baritom Classic strung .012 to .068 and tuned B to B. Its swamp ash body is finished in a beautiful Tobacco Fade color. The neck is maple with a pau ferro fingerboard. Its deep tone is thunderous.
Art:Holding a Black Alder Classic. It is an old “Shop Test Unit.” It has played host to many pickups in their development stages as well as severing as a bench mark for testing opposite other guitars.
Dave W:Holding his personal guitar. It is the very first Sparkle Silver, Cobra with our P-90-style pickups. Usually they come equipped with our P1 and P3 pickups. His did too but he has a real love for weak pickups that will let his amp breathe so he moved the P1 to the bridge position and we made a special P1- for the neck position. This combination works perfectly for him.
Bob: Holding a Silver Sparkle, Pro Am Junior. What is a Pro AM Junior? It is not a production guitar. Tom made two of these instruments years ago for his sons when they were just small. Now Bob has made this one for his son. What a nice dad.

Next row forward, beginning at the left and moving right is:
Chuck: Holding his very own Desert Sunset, Hollow T Classic. He enjoys the harmonic complexity that the all ash body and Madagascar rosewood fingerboard offer.
Charles:Judging by the way he is hugging that Cajun Red Drop Top Classic, I don’t think he wants it to leave.
Dave P:Holding a very vintage “Christmas Tree” guitar that we made years ago for fun. Dave still thinks it is fun.
Bruce:Holding his #1 personal guitar. It is a T Classic with an alder body and a “buffed-through” Translucent Butterscotch paintjob. He runs a TV1 neck pickup and TD3 at the bridge for a bit more clarity than the robust TV3. We will be experimenting with a TV2 for him soon.
Ralph:Holding his alder Classic. This is the guitar that debuted the VA3 pickup for bridge application. Ralph wanted the classic sound of VA1 pickups for the neck and middle but the giant tone of a TV3 for the bridge (like the Pete Anderson Model, Hollow T Classic). He was right, this combination is a killer for The Classic.

Next row, a person by himself:
Jesse:Holding his personal Translucent Cobra. He is a wonderful player. I love to listen to him. His Cobra makes him sound good and his Christmas gift bag makes him look good too—without revealing his secret identity.

Front row, beginning at the left and moving right:
Rachel:Holding a beautiful Translucent Purple, Hollow Drop Top. Trans Purple is such a popular color again.
Roy:Holding the Cajun Red Cobra S of his dreams. We had to slip something into his orange juice so he would relax his grip and we could sent it to Garrett Park Guitars in Annapolis, MD.
Tom:Holding his very own Translucent Forest Green, (experimental) Cobra. He enjoys the HO1- and H2 pick combination. The rest is Classified!
Lenny:Holding the Pete Anderson Model, Hollow T Classic in its original Translucent White color. In fact, Lenny looks a lot like Pete Anderson in person.

Not Pictured:
Tino:If he were here he could be holding anything and be happy because he loves all the colors. And why not, he is the one who gives these beautiful instruments their final eye-popping luster.

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