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The Week of January, 1 2007 through January, 8 2007

T Classic
Swamp Ash
Transparent Dark Blue

Even prior to recorded history, cultures have tracked the movement of the sun through the heavens, referencing it to mark the passage of time itself. Well before it was known that the Earth was the actual body in motion, the year became the primary unit of measure in which all other time would be gauged. As the annual journey around the sun neared completion, a custom of deep introspection and inner adjustment became ritual to virtually all cultures in order to affect a positive change within and without. As such, the New Year immerged with a promise of greater prosperity, abundance, opportunity and adventure.

This time has come once again to Tom Anderson Guitarworks and to all the Earth. With a heightened demonstration of our own compassion, understanding, strength and love, may we all be blessed with greater peace and cooperation than this world has ever witnessed before. It is possible—right here and right now it begins with us. I choose to say, “Yes!”

Yes, is a very powerful word. Choose to say yes to everything good. Say yes to a smile. Say yes to a nod of recognition, a wave or encouragement for someone who does not yet know how much good is possible. Say yes to the offer of hope to another, for with hope all can be made right again.

I choose to say yes to the new…the new finish known as Transparent Dark Blue. (See how I rhyme. I seem to do it all the time. It’s certainly not a crime.) (Oh, I did it again. I’m acting like I am 10.)

Now stop that! Enough with the rhyming already. No more New Year’s celebrating for you. Try ice tea—it is rich in antioxidants.

Before we were interrupted, we were talking about an amazing T-Classic, demonstrating itself in the all-new shade of Transparent Dark Blue. We were all exclaiming over this one—especially Roy. He was almost beside himself. And to have Roy beside himself would make two—and two might just be a little too much.

Hey, what the heck is going on here? Would you please just stick to the story?

Sorry…to continue: The natural whiteness of the Swamp Ash body that lies beneath allows this darker blue to still emote with a bit of effervescence. Over the naturally tanner hue of an Alder body, Transparent Dark Blue takes on an even deeper blue appearance. We will show you that combination in an upcoming Guitar of the Week, so stay tuned.

Sliding your hand along the Even Taper +.050, all-Maple neck with its 1 5/8-inch nut-width imparts an immediately wonderful tactile feel, reminiscent of the most stunning vintage instruments of the 1950’s. But rev up a bit and this guitar’s amazing inherent abilities swiftly sweep you away to a playing plateau you have only dreamed of visiting before. Think I’m exaggerating? Not even the slightest bit. It is a transforming playing experience that once you’ve touched, you can never forget.

And if that weren’t enough to make everything all better, the M-Series pickups, M1 and TM2—from neck to bridge respectively, send your favorite amplifier huge single-coil sounds that are rich, robust and easy to manage. Don’t be surprised if your band mates kneel before you. (Okay, now that may have been a bit of an exaggeration, but you will get compliments on your tone.)

Yes, with the coming of the New Year, new things seem to arise more naturally and perhaps more effortlessly. Transparent Dark Blue is just one of the many surprises we have in store as the world realigns for 2007.

Are you ready for the next of your many 2007 surprises? This Transparent Dark Blue masterpiece is hiding at Charley’s Guitar Shop in Dallas right now.


• MODEL: – T Classic

• FINISH: – Transparent Dark Blue

• BODY WOOD: – Swamp Ash


• NECK WOOD: – Maple

• HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Natural Satin

• NECK BACK FINISH: – Natural Satin

• NECK BACKSHAPE: – +.050 T/A Standard

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 5/8-inch

• SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

• FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Fixed Bridge

• TUNING GEAR: – Split Shaft


• PICKGUARD: – Aged White




• SWITCHING: – 3-Way



• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010-.046 Elixir® with NANOWEB® Coating

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Charley’s Guitar Shop

• 11-20-06N

T Classic
Swamp Ash
Transparent Dark Blue

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