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The Week of January, 13 2003 through January, 20 2003

Hollow Drop T
Bora to Trans Blue Burst for NAMM

The Winter NAMM Show is the music industry’s biggest trade show of the year. It is where musical instrument manufacturers display their wonderful products for the rest of the music industry. We all know the few days leading up to the show as “The NAMM Cram” because everyone is scrambling to finish everything they need to get done before the show begins. This year the show begins on Thursday January, 16th—and it should be loads of fun.

Come with me. We would like to give you just a brief glimpse of what we have been up to these days before NAMM. See if you can tell what will emerge from this chrysalis. (Click on the highlighted areas of the text).

It begins with Jesse and Ralph. Without them nothing would happen here. Tom has insured each of their fingers for $250,000 each—and if you have played an Anderson, you know why.

I had to sneak up on Chuck (The Dreaded Keeper of the Stone) to get this shot. He takes care of all those beautiful finishes you love so much.

Oh, how cool would a solid rosewood neck be on your next guitar? And with stainless steel frets too!

The fastest man alive is ready to begin the building process. What is he doing now?

Tom gets right in there and digs with the rest of us.

Who is that man with the paint cart?

Tino is an unbelievably gifted guy. He wants to show you something. Let’s not stop there. And one more.

Things are starting to come together now!

The first guitar sold at last year’s NAMM Show was a Tobacco Burst, Swamp Ash, Classic, so we thought we’d take another one.

Don’t worry, Charles has the hands of a surgeon.

Looks like the makings of some very special guitars. Next week we’ll see what emerged from NAMM.

Editors Note: If you read Guitar of the Week last week, we thank you for the outpouring of support. What you gave back to us was truly amazing. Roy’s father is now home and getting a little bit stronger each day. Thanks again. We love you all.

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