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Maple Top on Mahogany
Sheer Gold

Atom has arrived…

To hold this Atom in playing position while reaching around to type is not an easy feat, but that is just what you have to face up to when realizing that you cannot put it down—not even to write Guitar of the Week! And it only gets worse after the first strum clearly demonstrates that this totally unique look cannot begin to mask its linage, as it loudly resounds with unmistakable Anderson resonance and a feeling of almost infinite sustain—even unplugged. But Atom presents this gift with a totally different sonic nature and playing feel than any Anderson that has ever come before.

Since it looks as though we are now completely bonding, why don’t we all just make the best of it? Close the door, pull your chair a little closer and lean in. As the Atom begins to reveal its secrets, we will gladly share them with you for the very first time anywhere.

Strapping in and rising to assume a stage-worthy posture is a delight as Atom makes evident that it is every bit as lightweight and nimble as any other Anderson model—a certain blessing for those all-nighters.

Relaxing into the moment, Atom settles into its natural position—a more body-centered hang with the chording hand extending gracefully leftward (or rightward if you play lefty). It takes less than an instant for the guitar to draw you into the overwhelming charm of its alternative geometry. Contributing to this wondrous playing experience is a new tilt-back neck-to-body angle. The overall feel of this instrument is somewhat like being in the cockpit of an F1.

Supporting legendarily smooth and effortless playability are, of course, Anderson’s Exclusive Stainless Steel frets arrayed along a Rosewood fingerboard—but now topping a Mahogany neck-back that is finished with a transparent satin to match the glossy color of the body’s Mahogany back. Don’t worry, in your hands the matched-color neck has an identical playing feel to all other Andersons.

Attaching the neck to the body has, in some ways, become Atom’s most talked about and guarded feature. Although we could write an entire Guitar of the Week on this subject alone, let us begin by saying that it is a bolt-on design like you have never seen before—one that cannot ever move from its original placement and is super comfy to play, thanks to the new A-lock neck-joint design.

Atop the lightweight and substantial mahogany-based body shines a maple top with an elegantly “dropped” forearm contour, sculpted for real comfort. This one happens to be painted Sheer Gold—a new and slightly translucent metallic finish. But any color you have seen accentuating the figuring of your favorite Cobra or Drop Top will also lavish it affections upon Atom.

The Wraparound style bridge is also a fresh feature, built to our specifications, specifically for Atom by Steve Rowan, eliminating any and all of the bad habits you may have encountered with this style of tailpiece in the past.

You have waited long enough and now it is time. Plugging into you favorite amp catapults forward an Anderson tone like nothing you have ever witnessed before. If Atom does not immediately become one of your favorite guitars then you have forgotten to throw the power switch—because once you do there will be no going back. Tone rushes forward with so much musical might that you may even feel as though Atom is some kind of musical weapon—that is until you click over to the single coil settings to discover bountiful and percussive richness waiting for you to command. I still have chills from my last Atom-to-amp encounter—no kidding here.

As we see it, the only quandary may be: which type of pickup will best suit your personal playing needs for your initial Atom—H, or M-Series? True, H-Series are the kings of musical aggression and absolutely take no prisoners when it comes time to throw down, but it is important not to be deceived here by Atom’s style. With Ms on board, the single coil tones are literally spectacular—far greater than what you may have been expecting from an instrument based on a mahogany platform and featuring a 24 ¾-inch scale length.

As much as we can say, it is now over to you, but when you get the chance to wrap yourself around an Atom and have this kind of elemental experience for yourself, will be to fall in love and to never look back!...Or, another look.


• MODEL: – Atom

• FINISH: – Sheer Gold with Binding

• BODY WOOD: – Maple Top with Mahogany Back

• BODY WOOD BACK COLOR: – Transparent Brown

• NECK WOOD: – Mahogany with African Rosewood Fingerboard


• NECK BACK FINISH: – Transparent Brown Satin

• NECK BACKSHAPE: – Atom Standard

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16-inch

• SCALE LENGTH: – 24 3/4-inch

• FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Wraparound

• TUNING GEAR: – Locking with optional Drop-D






• SWITCHING: – 5-Way with Add Bridge Push/Pull and Bridge Splitter



• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010-.046 Elixir® with NANOWEB® Coating


• Prototype

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