Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of January, 20 2003 through January, 27 2003

Crowdster Acoustic

We are all packed and ready to head out. Last week we discussed the thrill of the upcoming NAMM Show and the fun we have getting ready. But many of you brought to our attention a rather curiously shaped body that Tino was holding. Very observant!

This weekend we are at the NAMM Show. The picture above shows Bruce caught in the act of applying the final touches to the new Crowdster Acoustic. It made its spectacular debut at the NAMM Show—along with many other wonderful Anderson beauties. As we promised you last week, you are now entitled to a sneak peak. Let’s continue, read on and click the highlighted areas of text.

While Bruce stepped away from his bench for a moment, we snapped a shot. This one is already promised to an artist but we brought two others with us to the show.

Although we showed you this picture last week, the color generated so much excitement that we thought we had better show you Charles and the Bora to Transparent Blue Burst, Hollow T once again.

Traditionalists love Tobacco Fade. This one is on a Quilted Maple topped, Hollow Drop Top. The distinctive sound of its Swamp Ash back is, musically, very impressive—delicate mids with a robust low end and a beautifully sparkling top end. It can make a grown man cry.

This one did not quite make it to NAMM either, since it was also promised to an artist. We couldn’t seem to get this guy to stop playing it and get in the car. But when we finally did, Chuck picked up the proverbial torch and serenaded us all afternoon. That is big for Chuck. He was seriously moved.

Bruce said, “I loved it.” If this Light Desert Sunset, impresses Bruce, that is enough for me.

Transparent Plum is so deep, figured and reflective that it is like trying to photograph a mirror. You can see this quality as it reflects every tool on Iain’s bench. This is a lush finish to be sure.

The vintage world has never had it so good. An alder Classic in Lake Placid Blue with an Aged White Pickguard and Coffee Dipped VA pickups definitely competes for my undying affection.

No matter how good this Hollow Cobra looks, the picture cannot even begin to capture its real depth of finish—even more amazing with its all-rosewood neck. Audible gasps could frequently be heard.

This is how to blend vintage and modern into one amazing whole. Dark Cherry Burst just furthers the theme while the alder back lends a familiar sonic character.

Make no mistake, with its focused, aggressive nature, Cobra rules the earth! This Deep Ocean Blue Burst, Cobra S is its musical equivalent with “S” ergonomics.

Tiger Eye is beautiful but so is 6120 Tiger—don’t you think so? A mahogany back adds a crushing characteristic.

Dive into a Deep Bora, Drop Top you may never want to come up for air.

And there is more but we must go. Stop by next week for the continuing adventures of Tom and his friends. Is this cool—or what?

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