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Hollow Cobra S
Burnished Orange with Binding

Hey, so what’s with the strange picture?

Well, we’re hanging at NAMM this weekend, displaying some of the coolest guitars we have ever made. NAMM is the NAMM Show and it is the music industry's biggest trade show of the year. It is always a huge event. In fact, it is the largest trade show held at the Anaheim Convention Center, and this is a gargantuan multi-leveled facility located in Southern California.

It was supposed to be our swansong—the end of the line for Anderson Guitarworks as we all knew it, but…

No, no, no! It was not to be. The love was too strong and the pull was too great. Hearts had to change.

Instead, it is a celebration—a rebirth of the best that has ever been and an awakening to the best that Anderson could ever become.

Thanks for the support and we will talk in more detail about some of these guitars in the weeks to come.

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