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The Week of January, 23 2000 through January, 31 2000

Drop Top
Maple Top on Basswood
Deep Ocean Blue with Binding

Steve just won’t stop bugging me about this absolutely gorgeous Deep Ocean Blue, Drop Top that is now on its way to Gelb Music in Redwood City, CA. Steve thinks it should be “Guitar of the Week.” Why, is my question? Okay, so it is beautiful. So it is very resonant and plays so easily that it almost will play without you. And thanks to the Anderson “Extended Band Width,” the tone is so incredibly rich and full that I got chills playing it. Yes, with its hum/single/hum pickup configuration, an H1-, SA1 and H2+ and the Switcheroo switching system, it is perhaps the most versatile guitar on the planet. Okay, okay, so Steve is right! If you would like to meet this guitar in person give Keith at Gelb Music a call. He is a very nice guy with very, very nice guitars.

Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Basswood
Translucent Green with Binding

As you probably know the NAMM Show is coming up at the beginning of February. It is the biggest Music Industry trade show of the year. It will be held in Los Angeles. We will be there with 24 amazing guitars. Also, we have been getting a lot of interest in our Translucent Green color. So, since you have been extra good lately, we would like to give you a sneak-peak at one that will be going to NAMM.

It is a Drop Top Classic. (Also see the Translucent Green Drop Top in our Guitar Gallery section of this web site.) The Translucent Green body with its white pearl pickguard shows off a figured maple top, backed by carefully selected basswood. This combination generates a very even and balanced tone across the entire tonal spectrum. The neck is Eastern Hardrock maple with a T/A standard +.030 neck backshape and a 1 11/16th nut width for very comfortable and effortlessly fast playing. The maple neck projects the center of the tone forward a bit while tightening the extreme top and bottom frequencies—very nice for not getting “lost in the mix.” As always you can hear the Anderson “Extended Band Width.” Unplugged, the guitar seems as though it wants to ring forever. Strum one chord and just listen--rich, lush and forever! There is nothing better.

Now take this amazing sound and with its B5 switching and push/pull add-bridge switch, ask the SD1R, SD1 and H2+ pickups to listen and send this sound to an amazing amp. Do you know what the audience hears? TONE! Beautiful tone!

This guitar is going to The NAMM Show where it will be snatched up by a very intelligent Anderson dealer and then be available for sale. It will be interesting to see who actually ends up with this one.

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