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The Week of January, 28 2002 through February, 4 2002

Hollow Drop T
Maple Top on Alder
Deep Ocean Blue with Binding

We have returned from The NAMM Show! And we had such a great time. There were many musical treasures to behold but in my mind the pinnacle of the show was the Tom Anderson Guitarworks booth—of course I may be slightly biased. But these guitars were the best I have ever experienced from the Anderson crew—the best in sound, the best in lighting-fast, effortless playability, the best in every way and all that entered seemed to be deliriously impressed. Or are we just delirious from 4 days at NAMM? You can be the judge of that. Come this way.

Of course one of the big hits of the show was the Deep Tobacco Fade, Hollow Cobra with our new all rosewood neck. It was featured as Guitar of the Week last week. If you missed it, we must begin our NAMM tour there. To do so, click on the “I’m so sorry I missed Guitar of the Week last week” hyper-link icon.

The photo above is what you might have seen upon entering Anderson-land.

The first guitar to make your acquaintance is the Hollow T showing off with Deep Ocean Blue quilted maple atop a tone-rich alder back. With a hum/single/hum pickup configuration, this guitar is known for its ability to deliver its gorgeous version of every guitar sound known to mankind—an extremely adaptable instrument for those players who can only take one guitar to the gig but need to cover many musical styles well. I’ll let you in on a little secret; this versatile instrument is going to visit with Brian at Brook Mays in Dallas Texas. Brian is also getting a Cobra (not pictured) that was Tom’s personal guitar and was the first to incorporate and test many of the new features now found on the very latest models.

Moving right, we have a Lake Placid Blue, Hollow T Classic. It sent shivers up Pete Anderson’s spine (more on this later) and impressed everyone who picked it up or plugged it in. Its all alder body, +.050 maple neck and TV-series pickups bring forth a huge single coil tone that will easily allow you to sonically rule this domain. Cameron of Grandma’s Music in Albuquerque, New Mexico would not leave the booth until we promised this guitar to him. He knows great guitars—that’s one of the things that makes him Cameron.

Who can deny the legendary Translucent Blonde, Hollow T Classic with a Tortoise Shell pickguard? Equipped with a Swamp ash topped/alder backed body, out comes the sparkle of ash with the added low-middle pump of alder—a combination adored by many world class players. The “Nashville pickup arrangement” increases versatility further with two singles coils in the neck and middle positions and a “T” style pickup at the bridge. Loaded with two hum-canceling SAs and a TD3, the fast acting 5-way switching delivers 14 usable sounds. The vintage tremolo bridge tops off the whole package and gives rise to the rumor that this could be a “Pete Anderson Model, Hollow T Classic.” We all know that there is no such thing but does Pete know? Say good-bye or hello to this one depending on your geographical location because this one is on its way to Belgium.

Let’s cut right to the chase. Everyone loved this thunderous mahogany backed Hollow Drop Top with the stunning Deep Tobacco Fade maple top. Having a mahogany back on a Hollow Drop Top is like sprinkling it with a bit of Cobra dust for added midrange growl—a technique originally learned from the movie Peter Pan. It will be held in the good care of Jim Hill at Senseney Music in Wichita, Kansas—but for how long?

Transparent Black, Drop Top with a basswood back and counter sunk Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge does its job better than any other similarly equipped axe. It roars with power, offers wonderful single coil sound and plays with liquid fluidly. It is on its way to Japan to prove its worth.

The other two can be viewed better from another angle.

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