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The Week of January, 31 2000 through February, 6 2000

Drop Top
Maple Top on Alder
Deep Ocean Burst with Binding

It almost seems like it’s Christmas around here again. There are only a few days left until we display 24 beautiful Anderson guitars at this year’s NAMM Show in Los Angeles. We are happily working to have all these amazing guitars ready to go. For those of you unfamiliar with The Winter NAMM Show, it is the Music Industry’s biggest trade show of the year and it is fun!

You know what makes it the most fun? Well, take a look at the attached photos. It’s Tom’s stuff that still does it for me. So, because you and I are very special friends, we will continue what we started last week and give you a few more peeks at what will accompany us to NAMM.

Ever since the debut of Justin’s Deep Ocean Blue, Cobra S on our web site, this color has been extremely popular so it seemed like the next logical step was to offer this same beautiful color in a burst, so we did. Please meet “Deep Ocean Blue Burst.” Now you can get this striking color two ways.

This color is shown off on a "Drop Top" that is equipped with an alder backed, maple topped body. The neck is maple with an Indian rosewood fingerboard and color matched headstock. The color on the back of the body is a deep black/navy blue and sets the top off nicely. We make all the wood choices for sonic reasons first and looks second. We will get into much more sonic detail after the NAMM Show is over. But right now there is so much to look at. Quick though, ask me how this one sounds and plays. It plays like butter and sounds full, rich, clear and gorgeous.

Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Tiger's Eye Burst with Binding

There is a jewel called Tiger-Eye and now there is a Tom Anderson color called Tiger Eye Burst. This one is going to The NAMM Show with us as well and as you can see it deserves to make the trip. This one played and sounded so sweet. It is loaded with our HO pickups and features our new rosewood fingerboard. We are calling it African rosewood. It actually comes from the island of Madagascar but is a different species from the reddish Madagascar rosewood that we have and still offer. Maybe Madagascar just grows the best sounding rosewoods on earth. We will definitely be talking more about this after NAMM. As for now, you need to realize that all of these guitars are going to The NAMM Show and will end up at some wonderful Anderson dealer and will (unless they take them to their own house) be available.

Cobra S
Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Translucent Black Burst with Binding

This is a Cobra S. Yes! But what is extra special about this one? Does anyone know? Correct, the color is Translucent Black Burst instead of our very popular Translucent Black. What we did to Deep Ocean Blue we also did with Trans Black. I think Tom should let me take this one home with me for special color testing. However, Tom is letting us all take it to NAMM.

As with most Cobras, this one is equipped with a mahogany backed/maple topped body and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard. This T-Black Burst is loaded with our mid-power H1- and H2+ pickups. Again this one will be available after the NAMM Show. I wonder which lucky dealer will get it?

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