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Hollow Cobra
Maple Top on Mahogany
Transparent Orange with Binding

Make no mistake about it, this Transparent Orange, Hollow Cobra is an extremely formidable weapon! Yet it is not a weapon of destruction but rather of construction for more than any other means the electric guitar possesses the ability to transcend the communication barrier of vocabulary, culture, ideology and dogma—to speak a universal language that reaches deep into feelings. It does this with power that no other instrument can even approach. Beginning at an emotional level it can easily rise above to speak with the soul. If the musical message sent contains even a modicum of universal truth, a positive seed is planted which will, sooner or later, begin to grow because an offering of substance cannot go unheeded forever. This can all happen very effortlessly for once you start, quality flows easily.

So, the question naturally arises: Who are you? Does your fame allow you the clout to have an impact? Of course it does! We are all much more famous and influential than any of us realize. Fame is not so much how many people know of us, but what kind of contribution we offer to those we come in contact with. The world is hungry for direction and even just asking the right questions aloud can make a big difference. It doesn’t take long before your influence is being felt and the response takes you to the next level. It is the upward spiral of substance. The real value of someone can never be judged. Perhaps it is time to pick up your guitar and play.

So what was Nathan of Eddie’s Guitars in St. Louis, Missouri, thinking anyway when he ordered this very first Transparent Orange, M-Series Cobra for his store? Did he know it would be one of the most beautiful guitars on earth or is this just the result of his personal contribution to quality? Perhaps he is also more influential than he realizes?

Cobra enters a whole new dimension when incorporated with a trio of Anderson M-Series pickups. M1s in the neck and middle positions of this 24 ¾-inch scale length, mahogany-based beast bestow gargantuanly gorgeous single coil tones that make easy work of any of your favorite single coil passages—and yet they are fully hum-canceling. Stepping up into the M3 at the bridge position grabs a handful of mid-power humbucker and invites crunch chords and single notes to flow with unrestrained abundance.

Tonal variety is delivered via a supremely indulgent 5-way switching system that leaves no usable combination untried. Sounding perfect just as they are, the M1s are not predisposed to split and always remain hum-canceling under all conditions. Indulged because of its heighten output, the M3 is able to grant full or split sonic wishes with the flip of a mini-toggle switch. Eleven different combinations fall at your fingertips. The contribution to Cobra’s overall tone pallet is considerable.

And have you noticed? Look down at your left hand as it enjoys free passage along the entire length of the sleek, woody-feeling, satin-finished mahogany neck-back. Curious how the light plays off the natural, orangish-brown hues of the neck to perfectly complement the Transparent Orange finish that highlights the complexly quilted maple top of this comfortably sculpted Cobra body—isn’t it? Or could it be that we are actually experiencing the “Upward Spiral of Substance?”


• MODEL: – Hollow Cobra

• FINISH: – Transparent Orange with Binding

• BODY WOOD: – Quilt Maple Top with Mahogany Back


• NECK WOOD: – Mahogany with African Rosewood Fingerboard



• NECK BACKSHAPE: – Cobra Standard

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16-inch

• SCALE LENGTH: – 24 3/4-inch

• FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo

• TUNING GEAR: – Locking






• SWITCHING: – 5-Way with Bridge Splitter and Add-Bridge Push/Pull on Tone Control—for 11 Sounds



• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010-.046 Elixir Nanoweb

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Eddie’s Guitars/St Louis, Missouri

• 01-28-04P

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