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The Week of February, 21 2000 through February, 28 2000

Drop Top
Maple Top on Basswood
Transparent Orange with Binding

Drop Top
Maple Top on Basswood
Fireburst with Binding

So you want to hear some more NAMM stories do you? Well if you get your pajamas on first you can make some popcorn and sit by the fire while I tell you this tale. Ready? Okay!

There we were at the NAMM show and I was standing with my back to the amplifier speaking with another happy Anderson player when I heard a burst of lighting fast lead guitar playing. I quickly glanced around to see who it was that was playing with such style and flare. Tom said it was quite amusing to see me do a perfect double take when I saw 9 year old Nick blazing away on our Fireburst Drop Top. We all just stood there in awe as he did a stunning rendition of “Cliffs of Dover.” It wasn’t long before young Nick drew quite a crowd. He probably has that to look forward to for the rest of his life. As he continued to play, people were shaking their heads and talking about how totally amazing he was to watch.

We met both of his parents and grandfather who were so very proud of this gifted artist. And the best part, even better than his great playing, was how genuinely nice they all were. To top it off, I humbly said that I thought Nick should be playing a Tom Anderson guitar and they responded, “He already has one and it is his favorite guitar.” Yes, Nick is very intelligent along with being an outstanding player. Thank you Nick for being an Anderson player and making everyone’s NAMM Show so much more fun.

Nick is pictured with Tom, holding our Fireburst Drop Top. The other picture is Nick jamming on his very own 6120 Orange Drop Top.

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