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Crowdster Plus
Maple Top on Mahogany
3 Color Burst with Binding

There are now rumblings all throughout the Anderson Underground (a covert and clandestine organization) for more on the C+.

C+, what is that?

C+ is the code name used to designate the Crowdster Plus—an unparalleled Live-Music Acoustic guitar that also possesses tremendous electric guitar capabilities onboard the very same instrument.

When we say there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world, that is not just guitar-speak but documented fact. Where is it documented? We are not sure—it must be somewhere around here—everybody who’s played one is talking. But it is fact nevertheless; there is nothing to rival Crowdster Plus anywhere. A totally unparalleled instrument! Would you expect any less from Anderson?

Just like its highly respected predecessor the Crowdster, the Crowdster Plus is extremely adept at bringing a rich and lavish plugged-in acoustic guitar tone to the stage without the hindrance of any unwanted feedback of any kind. No longer must EQ be adjusted and limited to keep your acoustic guitar under control in a live playing situation. With Crowdster you just plug in, adjust for your favorite EQ and play—with wild abandon if you please. Your Crowdster will always be under your control while booming out huge acoustic guitar sounds—no more worries. And as the night rolls on and the band revs up the volume, you can respond in kind with more power, no problem. Just turn up and keep going. Perfect acoustic guitar sounds all night long. It is freedom made manifest in the acoustic guitar world.

All this with flowing playability and fluidity of feel, could a Live-Music Acoustic guitar have any more pluses?

Well, funny you should ask us that because the Crowdster Plus does have another plus. It is a regular Crowdster, plus an amazing electric guitar pickup, purposefully primed and prepared for listening and responding to the bronze strings that are such an intricate part of an acoustic guitar’s signature tonality. Designed and manufactured in Anderson Pickup labs, it is known as CMA and brings electric guitar life and versatility to the already superior acoustic guitar tones of the Crowdy.

C+ easily offers this by way of single stereo jack which can output either a mono signal from both the acoustic and electric pickups or as stunning stereo outputs that route all that is Crowdster acoustic to the P/A while impressive CMA electric tones plug directly to your electric guitar setup performing favorably with the clean, overdriven or high-gain channels of your favorite amp. The electric guitar results are astounding.

Functionally, stereo or mono output is selected via a mini push-button that is flush-mounted so it cannot be inadvertently bumped during a rippin’ performance. Electric, acoustic or a combination of both sounds are chosen on the fly with the flick of the 3-Way mini-toggle switch. Active volume and tone controls abound for direction of all things acoustic while a passive volume knob tames the electric side when needed.

As a member of the Anderson Underground yourself, you are privileged and privy to certainly information that may be of a rather sensitive nature, shall we say. So look over your shoulder and let us continue this conversation in whispered tones alone. The perfection of this 3 Color Burst, flame-topped Maple masterpiece can only be found at Eddie’s Guitars in St. Louis, right now.


• MODEL: – Crowdster Plus Acoustic

• FINISH: – 3 Color Burst with Binding

• BODY WOOD: – Flame Maple Top with Mahogany Back


• NECK WOOD: – Indian Rosewood Fingerboard



• NECK BACKSHAPE: – Crowdster Standard

• NUT WIDTH: – 1.73-inch

• SCALE LENGTH: – 24 3/4-inch

• FRETS: – Small—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Acoustic-style

• TUNING GEAR: – Split Shaft



• ACOUSTIC PICKUP: – Anderson EQed LR Baggs Piezo

• CONTROLS: – Electric Volume—Acoustic Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass—Electric/Both/Acoustic Mini-Toggle—Mono/Stereo Subterranean Push Button

• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .012-.053 Elixir® Acoustic Guitar with NANOWEB® Coating

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: Eddies Guitars/St. Louis, Missouri–

• 02-12-07P

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