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The Week of April, 13 2000 through April, 17 2000

Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Basswood
Translucent Purple with Binding

No, I don’t think so. I’ll do something else for “Guitar of the Week.” This one is great and all but I have other stories that need to be told. Besides that, this guitar is for our good friend, Alan, and we don’t want to play favorites. Plus, he lives in Dallas and we have already featured a lot of guitars that ended up in Dallas. So, I’ll do something else.

Alan had called a couple of days earlier wanting to know if his guitar was ready and he asked me to play it. I quickly did and of course it was great. Well, I thought, I’d better give it one last play before shipping and then off it goes. I’m very lucky, Tom lets me play all the Anderson guitars before they go to be with you. So, I popped open the case to reveal this strikingly beautiful Translucent Purple Hollow Drop Top Classic. Just look at it! And believe me when I tell you that the picture does not even do it justice. You probably know that the popularity of certain colors is a fashion thing like all other fashion trends. Well, I don’t know what’s up with Purple lately but it is definitely becoming more popular once again. And it should. It is such an important color. I even have a friend who believes that it is God’s favorite color. We’ve been seeing a lot of Translucent Purple Drop Tops and even Trans Purple Cobras--which have traditionally been limited to more “earthy tones.” Purple Cobras definitely rock!

I picked up this guitar and started to play. Due to the perfectly cut body contours, I could almost feel it hug me. You definitely become one with these guitars because they are so effortless to play. The neck felt as if it had been mine for 20 years. I made the mistake of starting to play a song instead of just noodling a bit. It was “Happy Christmas” by John Lennon. By the way, Happy Christmas to all of you. We wish for you deep and real happiness always. It is the way! Okay, back to it. I was just going to play the song for a second. It has kind of a fun chord movement to it. I could not stop playing. The tone, even unplugged, just overwhelmed me. It was so loud. I started singing—couldn’t help it. I could immediately hear the “Anderson Extended Band Width” and that “Infinite Sustain” for which all Anderson Guitars are famous. The tone was so rich and full. Absolutely beautiful tone is not an overstatement. In fact it is a bit of an understatement. I was experiencing pure sonic bliss. Oh well, this one has to be “Guitar of the Week.”

Gaze upon this Translucent Purple Hollow Drop Top Classic with a white pearl pickguard. The body wood choice is a beautifully figured maple top on a hollow chambered basswood back. The hollow chambers lend a complexity to the overtones and soften the edge just a bit. The neck is eastern hard rock maple with the slightly reddish/purple Madagascar rosewood for the fingerboard. The combination blends just right sonically and visually.

The beautiful wood tones are brought forth by the robust SA1 pickups for the neck and middle positions and the clear middle-focused (but not squashed) H2 humbucking in the bridge position. They are all controlled by the “Switcheroo” switching system which allows for any conceivable pickup combination and with its “blower switch” you can move from any of these combinations to full power humbucker with one click. As if that wasn’t enough versatility, Alan can blend any of the aforementioned amazing electric guitar sounds with a plugged-in acoustic guitar sound or run the acoustic sound by itself. It is all made possible by the optional L.R. Baggs X-Bridge which has piezo pickups mounted into each saddle of this vintage-style tremolo. This may be the coolest option possible on any guitar.

So, although I tried, I couldn’t help myself. This guitar just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go and not just because it’s Purple.

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