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The Week of May, 7 2001 through May, 14 2001

Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Alder
Tobacco Fade with Binding

I recently have had the fortunate opportunity to witness other lifestyles and it has been shown to me how limited an individual outlook can be when it is single minded, closed and focused on compensating for hidden feelings of inadequacy. With this view comes the realization of why the arts have always been such an important part of the human experience since the beginning. To be an artist/musician is to explore your own inner feelings and give expression to them in a healthy, freeing way—sharing the real life experiences that are common to us all. Living life in this way serves to richen and deepen the soul, which adds depth to the intellect and understanding to compassion, making the life experience more rewarding for ourselves and those we touch. When we can express our feelings in the moment and learn which feelings to indulge and which to work through we become healthy contributors to the uplifting and well being of the planet. Some of the “artist’s mind” must be present in us if we are to achieve this level of consciousness…And you thought we just made electric guitars because we like to make noise.

As a whole, musicians are an extra pleasant group of people. So it is for you that we offer the world’s best tools on which you are most able to share your gifts with the world.

Bob is the head of assembly here at Tom Anderson Guitarworks and an extremely pleasant person himself. After completing the final build on this one he said to me, “Did you hear the Tobacco Fade, Drop Top I just finished? It sounds really good, check it out!” I did and of course he was right, it was great—undeniably Guitar of the Week material (but so is everything we build).

This Hollow Drop Top Classic just arrived at New York Guitar and Bass. The owner, a wonderful guy named Jimmy, thinks he may keep it for himself—he was blown away. Don’t be discouraged, I’m sure with a little persuasion it could be pried from his grasp. Hollow Drop Top Classics arrayed this way play a vital sonic role, which I think Bob really likes. The body’s alder back bestows a traditional character that is inescapably alder in its nature—clear upper-midrange supported by a sturdy mid and lower-midrange prowess, rich in overtones. The addition of a historically gorgeous maple top and hollowed body chambers bestows a graciously commanding presence upon the alder’s natural timbre. Matching this outstanding blend to a maple neck with a Madagascar rosewood fingerboard collaborates with the body’s hollow chambers to work symbiotic magic, contributing a robust fullness and breathy ease to its outstanding tonal attributes.

There is something extra special about a modern guitar with its roots firmly planted in all that is good about the past. The choice of the 1 11/16th nut width, ’62 Roundback neck shape further confirms this by giving the artist something beefy and more traditional to grasp without giving up sleek, fast, fluid playability. It is a dream for big neck lovers or those who would like to be surprised by how easily a mid/large sized neck can be negotiated.

The uniquely tradition-based tone of this Hollow Drop Top Classic continues its journey with an introduction to the SA1R, SA1 and H2 pickups. Their job is to listen to what the alder, maple and rosewood have to say and then relay it to the amp in their own words. The SAs emphasize rich, full clarity while the H2 speaks with an open, pure, mid, midrange and medium humbucker output.

It is all controlled with the “B5” switching system. B5 means blower switch at the 5th position of the 5-way, so slamming the 5-way all the way back produces a full power humbucker no matter what other combinations have been selected. Positions 1 through 4 offer all traditional combinations in your choice of series (hum canceling) or split (true single coil). Further, pulling up on the tone control changes the function of positions 1 and 2, adding the bridge pickup to the already existing combinations with the final result being neck + bridge and neck + middle + bridge pickups on together. All this produces a myriad of very usable expressions that can make a creating artist very happy.

A life filled with the beauty of artistic expression and/or appreciation can be a happy one. Hopefully this magnificent instrument will help to further that state of bliss.


 MODEL: – Hollow Drop Top Classic

 FINISH: – Tobacco Fade with Binding

 BODY WOOD: – Maple Top with Alder Back


 NECK WOOD: – Maple with Madagascar Rosewood Fingerboard



 NECK BACKSHAPE: – ’62 Roundback

 NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16th-inch

 SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

 FRETS: – Heavy

 BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo


 PICKGUARD: – White Pearl




 SWITCHING: – B5 with Add-Bridge Switch for 13 sounds




 DESTINATION/LOCATION: – New York Guitar and Bass/New York, New York

Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Alder
Tobacco Fade with Binding

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