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The Classic
Alder-for The Classic
Fiesta Red

Let’s get this party started! Fill your cup, sit back and enjoy life to its greatest extent, put on your party hat and shoe, if you got ‘um. Embracing and merging with the celebratory spirit of all cultures:

It is a Fiesta baby! And this is an Anderson Fiesta!

Fiesta Red is the color for this, The Classic. And who is the master of ceremonies, the party-meister, the one who was a daring enough and bold enough visionary to adorn Fiesta Red with a Tortoise Shell pickguard, creating a whole new—and yet familiar—Fiesta Red flavor for their guitar shop? Why, it is the incomparable Eddie Berman and Dave from Indoor Storm in Raleigh, North Carolina—one of the premiere guitar shops in the country—that’s who.

And they did not stop there for hidden in plain sight amongst the swirling eddy patterns of the brown and highlighted-amber Tortoise Shell Pickguard, Eddie Berman requested a set of the new SF-series pickups—SF1, SF1 and SF3, respectively from neck to bridge—be placed.

SF-series are one of the newest hum-canceling, single coil-sized pickups to be added to the extensive Anderson Pickupworks line. Visually identical to the previous SA and SD-series pickups, the SFs sing with a vibrantly soothing presence. Real single coil attributes abound as a wide bandwidth, full frequency response and vintage-level output (vintage-output for SF1s) are their character. SFs are voiced to perfection, emphasizing rich, robust low end, balanced midrange and beautiful sparkling highs that kiss rather than slap. All this along with an initial pick attack that is percussively softened with just a bit of naturally occurring compression means you are free and clear to negotiate from a place of superlatively superior single coil sounds.

The SF accolades are already rolling in from those that have had the opportunity to pump them through their favorite amp—a very musical experience to be sure.

As if this wasn’t already enough to make you the life of the party (or the fiesta), Eddie opted for the addition of a VA Booster. What this means is, with one flick of the mini-toggle switch all SFs leap to a slightly elevated output—still with pure single coil attributes—14 combinations of hum-free tonal bliss. And of course, when you grab onto this Fiesta’s 60’s Vibe neck—like all Andersons—it plays like buttered lightening.

Enough talk…it’s party time!

Editor’s Note:Eddie recorded a quick snippet for your listening pleasure.


• MODEL: – The Classic

• FINISH: – Fiesta Red

• BODY WOOD: – Alder


• NECK WOOD: – Maple with Indian Rosewood Fingerboard

• HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Natural Satin with Vintage Tint

• NECK BACK FINISH: – Natural Satin with Vintage Tint

• NECK BACKSHAPE: – 60’s Vibe

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 5/8-inch

• SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

• FRETS: – Low-Rise—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo

• TUNING GEAR: – Split Shaft


• PICKGUARD: – Tortoise




• SWITCHING: – 5-Way with Add-Bridge Push/Pull & VA Booster



• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010-.046 Elixir® with NANOWEB® Coating

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Indoor Storm/Raleigh, North Carolina

• 03-13-08P

The Classic
Alder-for The Classic
Fiesta Red

The Classic
Alder-for The Classic
Fiesta Red

The Classic
Alder-for The Classic
Fiesta Red

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