Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of May, 25 1999 through June, 10 1999

Hollow Drop Top Classic
Koa Top on Basswood
Shaded Edge with Binding

Glen is one of the very nice gentlemen who designed the look of our catalog and website--a very talented guy. He has also become a good friend. Anyway, I guess the catalog helped him too because after working on it and reading it he really wanted to get an Anderson guitar for himself. He spent much time deciding just which model and what options would be the best for his first Anderson. He came up with a unique instrument. He chose a Hollow Drop Top Classic, but with a beautiful Koa top (Koa is usually found on Hollow Drop Tops not Hollow Drop Top Classics). The color was a beautiful "Brian Burst". A "Brian Burst" is a lighter version of Shaded Edge which is a slightly tobacco colored burst on the natural Koa top--very very beautiful. Very! It had a white pearl pickguard and a maple neck with a madagascar rosewood fingerboard and no front fret markers so you see every bit of the beautiful wood. Madagascar is a dark brown color with a reddish hue because of its natural red oils. This one was equipped with an SA1R SA1 H2 pickup configuration and if that wasn't enough, the amazing X-bridge for fabulous plugged-in acoustic guitar sounds. Glen opted for a +.030 TA standard neck shape. That means a T/A standard neck backshape that is 30 thousandths of an inch deeper for a bit more to hold on to (30 thousandths of an inch is about the thickness of an A string). This guitar was absolutely gorgeous and elegant with amazing clear full rich tones. Oh now don't just take my word for this. The day it was ready it just so happened that Steve Farris of Mr. Mister fame was here trying out new pickups for his old Anderson. Scott suggested that he try an X-bridge before he left. He said, "what's an X-bridge. Scott and I looked at each other and we showed him Glen's guitar. I played a few things for him through the Mesa Heartbreaker and an acoustic amp. He wanted to play it and I thought I was going to have to chloroform him to get it out of his hands before Glen got here. Man did he love that thing. Thank you Glen. Thank you Steve Farris, you're a great player. Thank you Tom for making all this possible and we'll see you next week.

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