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The Classic
Metallic Orange

Some would say that it is Ed’s fault really. I suppose that could be true. After all, if he hadn’t driven his metallic orange Corvette off the roof of a hotel in Hawaii, this beautiful color may never have come to fruition. Needless to say the Corvette was lost. He missed it very much so when he finally got the chance, Ed decided to commemorate his beloved sports car by asking us to create a Hollow T Classic for him that would bear this very same color.

Brian and Jeff are “The Guys” at the Brook Mays Pro Shop in Dallas. Brian has always been very vocal in regard to his affection for the coolness of Candy Apple Red, Classics. Always thinking of variety for those who frequent the Pro Shop, Brian has spent many a wakeful night searching his inner creativity for an alternate coloration of The Classic that would possess this warm metallic color’s same cool factor.

Brian and Jeff are more than a little impressed with Ed’s driving abilities and also know that he has extremely good taste when it comes to guitars. Once they saw this magic color replicated on Ed’s Hollow T Classic they went crazy. With his mental picture now clearly in focus, Brian sprang into action. He called, very excited, proclaiming that he had a vision—an Ed inspired vision—the Ultimate Classic!

Together we ran down all the specs and it went like this: It begins with an alder body as the source of huge vintage timbre. Flawlessly coupled to a maple neck, it draws in the most far-reaching top and bottom frequencies and dominantly projects clarifying upper-mids while girth and power is provided by a dominate super-low midrange, ensuring that no one in the band will step into your space once you declare your presence.

For the neck’s backshape, the extremely popular +.030 was elected. Loved for its slightly deeper T/A Standard silhouette, it has the feel of a small medium-depth neck. Many players proclaim this one as their very favorite because along with providing something substantial to hold on to, it is nimble enough to allow you to rocket from fret to fret completely unimpeded.

In the electronics department a full complement of Anderson-built, staggered-magnet single coil pickups and a 5-Way switching system, delivering 7 pickup combinations, ensure full use of the inherent Anderson Extended-Bandwidth, projecting a full complement of single coil tones that will move the earth—and beyond—thanks to the VA2 pickup located at the bridge position. The VA2’s claim to fame is its ability to balance outputs with the traditional VA1s of the neck and middle while never forgetting vintage protocol and lending a touch of opulence to position 4.

The cohesive force unifying this vintage cherub into one symbiotic whole is the Aged White pickguard, Coffee Dipped pickup covers and spectacular Metallic Orange paint job—very reminiscent of the copper colored Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycle that marked the beginning of freedom for many of us.

When Jeff got wind that Brian had indeed ordered the “Dream Guitar,” it began to haunt him. Sometimes the long wait can do that to a man. He began to secretly call and ask such things as, when and how much longer and what neck does it have again? Then he started to say, softly at first, that this first-of-its-kind Metallic Orange, Classic may have to be his. A little more time passed and he began to articulate that he would probably be taking this one home. Finally, as the time for delivery drew near, he broke down altogether, boldly declaring that he cannot live in tonal nirvana without this Copper Hotrod as a complement to his Fireburst Cobra S.

Well, Brian felt differently about the fate of his “Ultimate” creation since he now has an abundance of guitar players who are waiting with anticipation to see the new Metallic Orange, Classic for themselves. What to do? Jeff came up with a reasonable solution. He decided to beg and when that didn’t work he promised to hold his breath until Brian had to give in. In fact we actually received pictures depicting these real life events as they unfolded.

Who will really end up with this #1 Metallic Orange, Classic? At this point, it could even be you!


• MODEL: – The Classic

• FINISH: – Metallic Orange

• BODY WOOD: – Alder


• NECK WOOD: – Maple

• HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Natural with Vintage Tint

• NECK BACK FINISH: – Vintage Tinted Satin

• NECK BACKSHAPE: – +.030 T/A Standard

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16ths

• SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

• FRETS: – Heavy

• BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo

• TUNING GEAR: – Locking


• PICKGUARD: – Aged White




• SWITCHING: – 5-Way with Push/Pull Tone Control for 7 Sounds

• PICKUP COVERS: – Coffee Dipped



• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Brook Mays/Dallas, Texas

• 03-02-02A

The Classic
Metallic Orange

The Classic
Metallic Orange

The Classic
Metallic Orange

The Classic
Metallic Orange

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