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The Classic
Alder-for The Classic
3 Color Burst

No question about it! The accomplishments of the last half of the previous century have been amazing to witness. In fact it was exactly 50 years ago, on May 29th, that Tensing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary became the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

During this same period, music was beginning to emerge like no other time in history—embraced more completely by the masses and encouraging individual participation. Still flourishing today, it is absolutely impossible to define this music and its vital contribution without the inclusion of the electric guitar. In fact some may even argue that this all-important instrument is the embodiment of music itself and is responsible for not just a different style or direction but has ushered in an entirely new artistic age and means of communication that significantly changed the world forever.

If you think I may have overstated this a bit, may I point out that, “All You Need Is Love?” Or perhaps you could, “Give Peace a Chance?” And if you’ve been trying to get down to the “Heart of the Matter…I think it’s about forgiveness.” Okay, so maybe “You Can’t Always Get What You Want but if you try sometime you just might find…” You can finish the rest. You know it all. It speaks volumes.

It is also impossible to characterize the electric guitar without recognizing Three Color Burst as the finish that most often graced its flowing body lines. In the world of guitars, Three Color Burst is more than a staple for guitarists; it should be categorized as a vital nutrient. So imagine my utter embarrassment and total hue humiliation when an Anderson Guitar Player pointed out that our web pictures of this historic shade were a bit lacking. It is like Ferrari forgetting to put a red car in their catalog.

But thank goodness for small miracles and Jarrett. By trusting in the bursting power and prowess of Anderson Guitarworks he has become the Guitar Player of the Week. Yes that’s right, he ordered The Classic from Andrew and the wonderful guys at Motor City Music in Waterford, Michigan, in none other than Three Color Burst—and it is spectacular to behold and to play!

He is going to be a very happy and effective guitar player now for he is not only adorned by Anderson’s rich and tasteful version of Three Color Burst but his vintage single coil tones will be catapulted with a low-mid bulk and upper-mid vivacity via The Classic’s light-weight Alder body. The Indian Rosewood Fingerboard will lend its own low-end support while contributing a sprinkling of lush shimmer to the high-end notes. Jarrett’s playing will not be ignored.

And he will love doing it as he skates around like greased lightening along his +.030 TA Standard neck equipped with our Medium-sized, exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel Frets. The Medium frets are similar in height to our more popular Heavy fret wire but feature a more traditional, rounded crown and narrower profile. Close your eyes in the middle of an inspired solo and you’ll never know the difference—both bestow equal, unparalleled playability.

All 7 pickup combinations are easily accessed by means of a 5-Way and Push/Pull switch on the tone control. And speaking of the tone control, this knob should never be overlooked on an Anderson! Yes, it is true that most guitar players never touch their tone control because historically it hasn’t been a very useful device but on an Anderson guitar…if you need it, you got it! Try it for fun or turn it just to amaze your family and friends—okay now I have gone too far—but not as far as Tensing and Edmund—and they didn’t even have a VA12 in the bridge position of their guitars.

In combination with the actual-vintage, not-too-hot output of the VA1 and VA1R in the neck an middle positions, the VA12 adds VA1-output to all multiple pickup combinations but when asked to stand alone the VA12 automatically ramps up to a VA2’s increased level for a nice balance when flipping between neck and bridge.

With a guitar like this in his hands, Jarrett will feel as though he is standing atop the highest mountain on earth.


• MODEL: – The Classic

• FINISH: – 3 Color Burst

• BODY WOOD: – Alder


• NECK WOOD: – Maple with Indian Rosewood Fingerboard



• NECK BACKSHAPE: – +.030 T/A Standard

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16ths

• SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

• FRETS: – Medium—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo

• TUNING GEAR: – Locking


• PICKGUARD: – Aged White




• SWITCHING: – 5-Way with Add-Bridge Push/Pull—for 7 Sounds

• PICKUP COVERS: – Coffee Dipped


• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .011-.050—Tuned to Eb

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Motor City Music/Waterford, Michigan

• 05-25-03A

The Classic
Alder-for The Classic
3 Color Burst

The Classic
Alder-for The Classic
3 Color Burst

The Classic
Alder-for The Classic
3 Color Burst

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