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The Week of June, 11 2001 through June, 18 2001

Hollow T Classic
Swamp Ash Top on Hollow Alder Back
Metallic Orange

Ed was only 5 years old and on vacation with his family in Hawaii when his metallic orange/copper Hot Wheels Corvette fell from a railing atop a large hotel never to be seen again. He was using the railing as a Hot Wheels’ freeway—a mistake he now cautions other children about.

Other than this, Ed grew up happy, healthy and relatively normal, however he always wanted a copper colored Schwinn String-Ray bicycle but never actually owned one. Even today many artists in the know reference those early Schwinn Sting-Rays as nearly perfect examples of dynamic color—red, blue, lime green, copper, purple and later orange and yellow. Ed’s favorite was the copper.

Ed began playing music when he was 16 years old and has played in bands ever since. I don’t think it is Ed’s fault really. Some people are just naturally endowed with talent and have an aptitude of vision and guidance for others. Ed is one of the “Amazing Three” at Gelb Music in Redwood City, California. Gelb is without a doubt among the coolest music stores in the entire world. They possess the true knowledge of all that is musical and can direct you to the absolute best musical equipment for your personal needs—gear that will allow your finest music to come forth most effortlessly. (Check out Ed’s personal Cobra S that influenced recording star Christopher Cross to select Translucent Black as the finish to adorn his latest Anderson.)

It is the seemingly routine events of our lives that can shape and determine our choices later—especially when we are denied something that truly speaks to our soul. Here at Tom Anderson Guitarworks, along with bringing your musical dreams to life with a quality dared not even imagined, we also pay attention to the needs of your inner-child. After several sessions, Ed came to the realization that the finish of his brand new Hollow T Classic needed to be a metallic orange/copper hotrod color which we simply call “Metallic Orange.” Oh my gosh, is this guitar cool?!!!!

To begin with there is nothing wrong with your glasses, Ed is left-handed and so is his Metallic Orange, Hollow T Classic. As with all lefty Andersons, this extraordinary instrument was built in our left-handed-specific facility and it plays perfectly. Ed opted for full body-back and forearm contours—an option that many feel adds greater playing comfort.

As I’m sure you know, it is the wood that initiates the sonic attributes of each instrument. This guitar’s tone begins deep within the hollow chambers of its swamp ash topped/alder backed body and solid maple neck. The alder back makes its presence known with a substantial low-midrange and pronounced upper-mid while the addition of the swamp ash top adds high-end sparkle and a bit of natural compression. The solid maple neck makes sure all is neatly wrapped and presented. This compilation is a perfect companion for the large .011 to .053 gauge strings that Ed enjoys striking. The sound is truly vast while still supporting an all-important, sweetly pleasing distinctiveness.

Although the pickup configuration is based on convention, the customary neck pickup has been usurped in favor of a VA1 which reports on what the wood and strings have to say by taking a fuller, stronger and slightly clearer vintage-approach than the standard TV1. At the other end of the body, the TV3 takes no prisoners and dominates its sonic domain with robust authority.

All of this totals an instrument that meets all of Ed’s needs in every way—every way but one that is. If you were ever hit by a copper/orange Hot Wheels Corvette while on vacation in Hawaii, Ed would really like to have it back. Thanks. Please send the Corvette to:

Gelb Music
722 El Camino
Redwood City, CA 94063

Paul McCartney we think you would love one of these. Please give us a call.


 MODEL: – Hollow T Classic with Body Contours—Left-Handed

 FINISH: – Metallic Orange

 BODY WOOD: – Ash Top with Alder Back

 BODY WOOD BACK COLOR: – Metallic Orange

 NECK WOOD: – Maple



 NECK BACKSHAPE: – 62 Roundback

 NUT WIDTH: – 1 5/8th-inch

 SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

 FRETS: – Heavy

 BRIDGE: – Fixed


 PICKGUARD: – White




 SWITCHING: – 3-Way

 PICKUP COVERS: – Aged White for neck position



 DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Gelb Music/Redwood City, California

Hollow T Classic
Swamp Ash Top on Hollow Alder Back
Metallic Orange

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