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Hollow T Classic
Alder Top on Hollow Alder Back
Fiesta Red

I have my suspicions about this guy, Mark Goldenberg. Don’t spread it around but I think I know stuff about him that I maybe shouldn’t say. Should I tell? No, it wouldn’t be right! Okay, I’ll tell but don’t say you heard this from me. Ready? Here goes: I think Mark has been and still is a regular reader of Guitar of the Week. Great, now you made me go and spill the beans. I know what you’re asking next, “What led me to form this intricate musical hypothesis?” Elementary my dear friend.

As you know Mark plays with Jackson Browne and being highly intelligent and artistically talented, owns and plays quite a few Tom Anderson guitars. And to listen to him play leaves no doubt that he really is quite an impressive musician. Anyway, as I said, he already owns quite a few T/As. So he came by in March to drop off his Black, Classic for Bruce to modify. Then he just casually happened to mention that he has been craving a Fiesta Red, Hollow T Classic ever since he partied with us at our New Year’s Eve Fiesta Red fiesta. He spoke of the Fiesta Red punch bowl and the Fiesta Red shoes we were all wearing. He reminisced about the Fiesta Red finger sandwiches and the Fiesta Red tomato soup we ate together. He fondly recalled the Fiesta Red picks we gave to everyone in attendance and how the evening culminated with Tom Anderson himself presenting three Fiesta Red instruments to their new owners.

“Oh yea, that was a great night alright,” I responded with a smile but knowing full well that Mark, although he is always welcome, had been in Burma with Jackson on New Year’s Eve while our fiesta took place high in the Andes Mountains at our southernmost Patagonian factory. It was quite obvious to all of us what had really happened. The only way Mark could have known all about our celebration was to have read Guitar of the Week for January 1st right before bed and then fell asleep dreaming in vivid colors of Fiesta Red. Experts do say that high doses vitamin B12 can sometimes have this effect.

But who were we to point out that minor discrepancy when Mark seemed so happy, claiming to be the one who had landed the final blow that broke open the Fiesta Red party piñata. He then asked if we could extend this wonderful party atmosphere even further by building for him his very own Fiesta Red, Hollow T Classic. Of course we were glad to oblige.

He already owns a large variety of our guitars comprised of different wood combinations to facilitate different tonal traits. He wanted this one to be proficient at producing musically thumping single coil tones that are adept at commanding the moment. To bring this forth, he chose a hollow-chambered all alder body. Alder supplies vintage muscle while the hollow chambers sanction a rich, round harmonic overtone structure. Enjoying its feel and slighted boosted top and bottom frequencies, Indian rosewood was the fingerboard wood selected to accompany the fast-playing, 62 Roundback maple neck. To unleash this design’s full single coil bouquet, Mark opted for a 3 pickup layout.

May 5th’s Guitar of the Week showed a very similarly comprised instrument adorned in Candy Apple Red. Concerning its tonal attributes, we stated, “Its all alder body, …maple neck with a…rosewood fingerboard and vintage-style TV1 and TV3 pickups, deliver a huge stylistic tone that can also cover for a traditional humbucker. This is the secret and the reason why many players adore this style of instrument.”

For some readers this was perhaps totally new information as we received several e-mails saying, “What do you mean by this statement? I always thought this style of guitar produced only bright, twangy tones.” So allow us to elaborate: Yes, with the proper wood, pickups and amp settings, the swamp ash-bodied versions of our Hollow T Classics are very wonderful at speaking with a giant, full-bodied twang that would make any country player’s heart jump for joy—or for any type of music where an abundance of big, non-spiking, musically complex high-end is desired. Readjust the amp and these swamp ash beauties can become quite formidable in the right hands. Selecting another wood combination, such as an alder body joined by our vintage pickups and accompanied by amp settings that emphasize girth, can yield a tone to rival a vintage humbucker. This quality can be heard on recordings by Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and Tom Petty—just to name a few.

So, as you can see by the pictures, the party continued when Mark dropped by to pick up his new Fiesta Red axe and have a bite. A great guy, a great player and a good sport!

If you would like to see Mark put his new Fiesta Red, Hollow T Classic through its paces, you can see him live with Julia Fordham before he goes into rehearsals with Jackson Browne for their August tour with Tom Petty. That should be a good one to catch.


• MODEL: – Hollow T Classic

• FINISH: – Fiesta Red

• BODY WOOD: – Alder


• NECK WOOD: – Maple with Indian Rosewood Fingerboard

• HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Vintage Tint

• NECK BACK FINISH: – Vintage Tinted Satin

• NECK BACKSHAPE: – 62 Roundback

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 5/8ths

• SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

• FRETS: – Medium

• BRIDGE: – Fixed Bridge with Fishman Powerbridge for Plugged-in Acoustic Guitar Sounds

• TUNING GEAR: – Split Shaft


• PICKGUARD: – Mint White




• SWITCHING: – 5-Way with Push/Pull Tone Control for 7 Sounds

• PICKUP COVERS: – Coffee Dipped Neck and Middle




• 05-16-02A

Hollow T Classic
Alder Top on Hollow Alder Back
Fiesta Red

Hollow T Classic
Alder Top on Hollow Alder Back
Fiesta Red

Hollow T Classic
Alder Top on Hollow Alder Back
Fiesta Red

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