Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of July, 19 1999 through August, 2 1999

Baritom Classic

Please forgive me. I just can't help it. The Baritom Classic is freaking me out. I know I've been talking a lot lately about them and Pete Anderson but there is nothing like these guitars and the more I play and listen, the more I realize...I MUST HAVE ONE!! They do what no other guitar will do. Let me just say that again. They do what no other guitar will do!! (You'd think I'd be use to being amazed by now wouldn't you?

So, I'm sitting here with in the final assembly department writing to you and I am absolutely blown away listening to Bob and Dave play the two Baritoms that they have just completed. They are playing them tuned down to B and using a distortion tone. To say that these things distort well is a gross understatement.. It is the fattest, fullest, strongest tone ever, but not muddy. I am literally still shaking my head. Every time I hear and play the Baritoms it amazes me that much more. There is just so much dimension to these guitars.

I thought I was totally into these guitars already but was taken to a whole new level when I heard Pete Anderson playing one on the Tonight Show with Dwight Yoakam. Getting to hear it live with a band is a very is a very good experience. The first thing that stood out was how well I could hear the Baritom Classic in the mix, even though the register is so low. You hear it and you say to yourself, "Is that the lower keys of a piano, no, a piano with a harmonizer, no, the bass guitar, no, too clear." Its sound lives between the regular guitar and the bass. You can hear every note but it is sweet and yet strong sounding.

Okay, so then we finish Pete's personal guitar, which I have to make a "Guitar of the Week." Sorry, have to. It so blew me away that I just couldn't wait to share this experience. It is painted white again. He likes white guitars. I think it is so it doesn't clash with his stage clothes. Hey, you can't argue with an artist that plays Tom Andersons. Anyway, it has an alder body, maple/rosewood neck, a VA1 pickup in the neck, a VA1 in the middle and a VA3 in the bridge positions. But the unique thing about this one is that it is also equipped with the X-bridge system--acoustic pickups located in the saddles of the bridge. Normally I enjoy the X-bridge the most plugged into a separate amp for acoustic guitar. Doing it that way enables me to add that plugged-in acoustic guitar sound or blend it anyway with the electric sound.

I sat here and listened to Tom play Pete's guitar with both sounds into one guitar amp and use the X-bridge as an articulation control, adding just the right amount of acoustic-like clarity to each sound. Oh my gosh!! I walked out of the room mumbling to myself that I cannot live without one. If you ever tune down or think you just might want to try tuning down, this is the guitar! Really! I don't know what more I can say. When you hear one you won't believe how good it is and even though it is a longer scale guitar it still plays effortlessly--just like all Andersons. And the more you play one the more stuff you'll find it will do well. Wow!

Thanks for listening and see you next week.

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