Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of July, 22 2002 through July, 29 2002

Hollow T Classic
Swamp Ash Top on Alder Back
Translucent Blonde for NAMM

This is Charles and he will be our acting master of ceremonies as we continue with our Nashville NAMM Show Extravaganza. Charles is one of our amazing final assemblers and is seen here test playing this NAMM, Translucent Blonde, Hollow T Classic just after completion. He loved it! And why not, he helped build it.

One of the greatest things about summertime is the Nashville NAMM Show—the music industry’s summer trade show. But as fun as it is, we have decided not to attend. Now don’t worry, it is nothing personal; it is just that with a very successful winter NAMM Show under our belts, the smaller nature of the summer show and an extremely heavy backorder condition, we felt it most prudent to stay right here—or in France. Okay, you got us. There is a rumor going around that Tom is riding to victory in the Tour de France by day and sequestered in his chalet by night developing some new top secret musical something. To communicate with him, we must resort to slipping notes under his door but the tones issuing forth nightly do indicate that this will be time well spent. What an amazingly multifaceted man!

Now we know that Nashville is important. So thank heaven for Guitar Heaven who has taken up the NAMM torch. Guitar Heaven is our illustrious dealer in that musical city and they are now in possession of 4 NAMM Extravaganza Anderson guitars. So if you are feeling that it’s just not a party without Anderson Guitars around—well, we are—around, I mean—in Nashville—all dressed up and ready to go. The wonderful guys of Guitar Heaven will welcome you to their store and allow you to experience that which is Tom Anderson Guitars in all their glory—and it is good! If you have never actually played one, now is your chance. You’re gonna love it! And when we are all done you will feel as if you went to the NAMM Show—and France—with us.

Charles would love to show you around so Click Here and come on in! We are glad to have you.

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