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The Week of July, 29 2002 through August, 5 2002

Hollow T Classic
Swamp Ash Top on Hollow Alder Back
Translucent Blonde for NAMM with Charles

Now that you are familiar with Charles from last week’s Guitar of the Week, he’d like to take you back to our NAMM Show Extravaganza one more time and explain the finer points of the Hollow T Classic he is test playing along with a stunning Tiger Eye Burst, Cobra. Charles is one of our gifted final assemblers and an all around great guy! You and your guitar are in good hands with him.

You can enter the show with Charles now or if you need a little background, read on and enter at the bottom of the page.

The Nashville NAMM Show is the music industry’s summer trade show. The Tom Anderson Guitarworks dealer in that musical city is the incomparable Guitar Heaven. One of the many things that make them so cool is that they are now in possession of 4 NAMM Extravaganza Anderson guitars—very special instruments indeed.

The good people of Guitar Heaven are well versed and able to help you experience the depth that is Tom Anderson Guitars. Thank you for being our guest at this year’s NAMM Show.

Editors Note: Forget what you have heard about Tom riding to victory in the Tour de France—it must have been just a mischievous rumor.

Enter the Show Floor with Charles now!

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