Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of August, 16 1999 through August, 23 1999

Baritom Classic
Swamp Ash
Translucent Amber Burst

You probably think I owe you an apology. You are probably wondering why the guitar of the week is yet another Baritom Classic. I just can't help myself and you won't be able to either when you get to play one, especially this one. This one is different than the other Baritoms we have seen so far. (Check out the other Baritom info in the Guitar Gallery and the Product Info sections of our site)

This one has a swamp ash body which gives us a bit clearer more articulate tone. This characteristic is invaluable for a lower register instrument that needs to be heard in the mix and still sound sweet. The neck is maple with a pau ferro fingerboard. This neck combination is amazing for the Baritom and creates a full but really present tone--a bit more articulation than rosewood. It just amazed me when I played it. I couldn't put it down. I use to say that if you enjoy playing a guitar tuned to a lower pitch, the Baritom is the absolute best way to do that but I think it goes further than that. Playing this guitar makes you want to find something, anything to use it on. It sounds so fantastic and so big. This one was tuned down B to B. The pitch lives in between the guitar and the bass and would be great in so many songs with so many different instruments. It sounds really great with one Baritom and one regular Anderson guitar. I think the skies the limit here.

This one was equipped with an SA1, SA1R and SA2+ for neck, middle and bridge pickups. The switching is very cool. It is a 5 way with add neck switching. This gives you all the normal 5 way functions plus when you pull up on the tone control it adds the neck pick up to positions 4 & 5 only. This allow you to have positions 4 & 5 perform dual functions without getting any redundant pickup setting. So, you only have to click once to effect a sonic change--very cool, very useful and very easy to use on stage.

Anyway, where is this incredible instrument now? As I write, it is in route to Brian at Brook Mays in Dallas TX. He sure seems to get his share of cool guitars. He must live right.

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