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The Week of August, 23 1999 through August, 27 1999

Cobra Special

Well, here it is! What am I talking about? Well do you remember when we had Pete Anderson's Cobra Special as "The Guitar Of The Week?" You remember, it was painted white so it wouldn't clash with his stage clothes. Hey, he is an artist, he knows what he's doing. The two unique things about it was that it had no body contours and the back of the neck was painted white. It looked really striking but the white neck thing was almost impossible to do so Tom said, we won't be doing it again.

However, before we came to our realization, Eddie Burman at The Music Loft in Raleigh NC (the sneaky man) ordered two. The first was just like Pete's, without body contours. The other has the standard body contours. And that will be it! No more white necked guitars. But it does look cool. Anyway, at this very moment Eddie has the one exactly like Pete's. It is loaded with our P-90-style P1 & P3 pickups. I've never heard this style of pickup sound so good. Please don't take my word for that, just plug one in. If that is not possible, why not give a call to one of our dealers that has Cobra Special experience and ask their opinion. Do I sound like I'm bragging? I don't mean to. I'm trying to recreate my sonic experience for you using only words--and a little jello. I'll explain the jello later.

Anyway, Pete's guitar came equipped with a small black pickguard. The guitar looks good both with and without a pickguard so Eddie chose to have it included in the case but not installed so the future owner could decide which look he preferred.

Steve was in the room with me when I played this one plugged it into a Mesa Heartbreaker. I hit just one chord and we both broke into that delighted laugh when you know you've got a hold of something really great. So check it out. It's the only other one in the world and we'd like to see it go to a good home.

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