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The Week of August, 30 1999 through September, 6 1999

Hollow Classic
Alder Top on Hollow Alder Back
3 Color Burst with Binding

Look very closely at this one. Do you notice anything different? Look at the pickups. Notice the sparkle of the chrome covers?. What are these? We'll I need to tell you a story first.

Jerry Jones is a guitar builder in Nashville and he builds a first class "Dan Electro"-type guitar. He has been building his fine guitars for years and has done so much research on the originals that he has even met with the guy that did these original guitars to get all the correct information. On top of these impressive credentials, he is a very nice guy. So one day, a few years ago, Jerry and Tom were talking. They both thought it would be a kick to do a guitar together--just for fun. But, it never really happened--both being busy with their own things and all. Well one day we (I think it was Ralph in the woodshop actually) got the great idea of loading an Anderson Classic with Jerry's pickups and the "Tom & Jerry" was born. No laughing please. It's a good name! If you have ever played this type of pickup you can actually feel the magnetic pull and hear the limited band width. But the sound has something. Well when these pickups are matched to an Anderson with its unbelievable sustain and clarity it is quite magic. It has a very thick, toneful, weaker, sort of low-fi sound. Very very good and very usable on a track or live. We did a Shoreline Gold one for Eddie Burman at Music Loft and he didn't even get it up on his wall before someone wanted to hear it and bought it on the spot. So much for that one. The one pictured here is a 3 Color Burst Hollow Alder Classic. The unique thing is that it has binding. Binding is a look usually reserved for Drop Tops and Hollow Ts only--very classy. The hollow chamber's extra resonance further compliments the lipstick pickups. You have got to hear one of these! Well, you can because Steve, Britt and Steve of Wildwood Music in Louisville CO have this one--but for how long?

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