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The Week of September, 6 1999 through September, 13 1999

Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Gold Top on Caramel with Binding

I'm sure you know that Mesa/Boogie makes great guitar amplifiers but did you know they have a Factory Store in Hollywood California? Yes they do! It is an exciting place. When you walk into the store you are not only greeted by very fun, nice guys with a huge array of very nice amps but a wall full of Tom Anderson Guitars--one of the biggest selections in the world. It is the kind of place you wouldn't mind getting lost in for a few days.

So, needless to say, they have the depth to have really cool stuff. Well, this time I think they have struck gold--literally. Well okay, not literally but they have just received this "Gold Top" Cobra loaded with our P1 & P3 pickups. I mean, look at this thing. A "Gold Top" Cobra with a caramel back, cream pickup covers and our bigger 62 Cobra neck with a black painted headstock. It really fits nicely in the hand.

Like all Cobras, its body is maple topped mahogany. The neck is also mahogany with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. And it is presented in a 24 ¾ inch scale-length format. The tone is round and full but not even slightly "lost in the mix." It seemed as though everyone who laid eyes on it made some sort of woo or ahh noise but that was nothing compared to the chill that ran up and down my spine when I played it and listen to the tones it produced--even unplugged. This guitar makes tone that only this configuration can create and it is so usable and so strong--but still single coily. I need one of these now and I believe Tom agrees as well since he just built one for himself and I've only seen him build 2 guitars for himself in 15 years. What does that say? Maybe it says that he is not a man of excess but knows what is great. Plus, he knows he can get one anytime he needs one. He's just lucky he knows the boss.

Stop by the Mesa Factory Store in Hollywood and check it out. Tell 'um Roy sent you. No, tell 'um Winnie the Pooh sent you. Well, see how fun and nice they really are.

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