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The Week of September, 11 2000 through September, 18 2000

Hollow T Classic
Maple Top on Basswood
Tobacco Fade with Binding

What would you say about a man who, when choosing the finish for his Baritom Classic guitar, chose a swamp ash body painted Tobacco Fade and then when choosing the color for his maple-topped Cobra, again chose Tobacco Fade? You might just suspect that he really, really likes this color.

Tobacco Fade is a relatively new shade for us. It came about after the printing of our 1998 catalog. In that catalog we showed a close-up picture of a Translucent Yellow, Cobra S equipped with the Baggs X-Bridge system. The picture was artfully center-lit leaving the edges of the guitar elegantly shadowed. We all thought it was just a great picture of Trans Yellow until we started receiving numerous inquiries asking the name of this mysteriously attractive burst finish. It became quickly apparent that we needed to create the real thing.

Tom sequestered himself in the paint booth and refused to come out until he had recreated this illusive coloration. We had to slip him food and water through the slot in the door and he could only communicate with us by scribbling notes on the back of napkins but apparently it was worth it because after 4 days Tom emerged from his self-imposed exile with a perfect match. It was exquisite to behold. He accomplished this amazing feat of hue duplication by mixing a pale version of the tobacco color found on the perimeter of our vintage Tobacco Burst finish. He then applied this faded tobacco shade to the edge of a gorgeous Translucent Yellow body. It was an immediate success. In fact someone here (Tom) liked it so much that he decided to paint both his Baritom and Cobra that color.

From the moment I first picked up this Tobacco Fade, Hollow T Classic it insisted on being “Guitar of the Week.” Its hollow sonic chambers, magnificently sculpted forearm and body hugging contours make this instrument so lightweight and so comfortable to play that putting it down is not really an option—but who would want to anyway?

Your left hand holds an absolutely sleek and effortlessly playing T/A Standard, maple/Madagascar rosewood neck that is loaded with our perfectly dressed “heavy” frets for unbelievably silky string bending. The tone issuing forth from every wood-pore of this guitar is defined by its maple-topped, basswood-backed body. The tone is lush and rich with just a touch of the maple’s fundamental clarity. One unplugged strum seems as though it wants to ring forever. Pump this uninhibited tone through its hum-canceling TD1- neck and TD3+ bridge pickups and you will never think of this style of guitar in the same way again. Many players are surprised how rich a guitar of this style can sound without loosing its all-important clarity.

H.L. is a very talented man. Not only is he the “Anderson lover” at Alpha Music in Norfolk, Virginia but he is also the creator of the amazing Addrock line of effects pedals. I am told that they sound wonderful. For the moment, he is the keeper of this gorgeous Tobacco Fade, Hollow T Classic—quite possibly Tom’s favorite guitar color.


 MODEL: – Hollow T Classic

 FINISH: – Tobacco Fade with Binding

 BODY WOOD: – Maple Top with Basswood Back

 BODY WOOD BACK COLOR: – Tobacco Fade

 NECK WOOD: – Maple with Madagascar Rosewood Fingerboard

 HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Matching Color


 NECK BACKSHAPE: – T/A Standard

 NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16th-inch

 SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2th-inch

 FRETS: – Heavy

 BRIDGE: – Fixed Bridge


 PICKGUARD: – White Pearl




 SWITCHING: – 5-Way (hum-canceling and split)




Hollow T Classic
Maple Top on Basswood
Tobacco Fade with Binding

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