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The Week of September, 29 2002 through October, 7 2002

Drop Top
Maple Top on Basswood
Cajun Magenta

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Guitar of the Week programming to bring you:

"The Luckiest Guitar of the Year Awards"

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Judging by the e-mails we received following our September 15th 2002 Guitar of the Week, it is clear that some of you do not openly embrace the progressive field of scientific research known as crytozoology. Many of you still doubt the possibility of the existence of a giant guitar-playing Sasquatch? You were not convinced, even though we produced tangible photographic proof, of the giant primate’s musical preference. Well, we can certainly understand your uncertainty. Healthy skepticism is a good thing but how then do you explain this?

Following our regular Guitar of the Week celebratory festivities in which we honored the deep luster of this Drop Top’s rare Cajun Magenta finish, reveled in the depth of its Personalized Selection tubular quilted maple top, shook our heads in awe over its exquisite feeling and playing maple/Madagascar fingerboard neck and melted into the opulent tones streaming forth from the amp, this magnificent instrument was ready to make its journey to the lucky guitar player who ordered it and was eagerly awaiting its arrival.

To protect our babies we always pack them into a plush formfitting case, slip them inside a protective box, adorned with our logo and off they go to those who love them.

This particular Drop Top would travel a circuitous route through the Pacific Northwest and then on to its final destination, but after only a few days it showed up again on our doorstep—definitely the worse for wear. Tom took one look at the box and let out an audible gasp. As I caught Tom, Dave quickly removed the contents of the box and Benny closely examined the case for any signs of damage. The impact was severe, causing major trauma to the area and full penetration into the interior of the case. It was as though a forklift or a huge hairy hand had completely breached the protective shell.

We were afraid as we snapped open the latches securing the top of the case. Jesse’s hand shook as he lifted the lid. Tom gently removed it from the case and drew it close. He wiped a tear from his eye and began to examine every inch of his prized creation. Not a mark on it anywhere. He strummed it—perfectly in tune. The entire guitar was completely unscathed and as flawless as the day it left. A sigh of relief could be heard from here to the PRS factory. Upon careful examination, Charles determined that the case had been pierced in just the exact spot as to pass the intruding entity through the larger cut-away, missing the guitar entirely.

Whether the case had been ruptured by a machine or a mysterious, giant primate, no one will ever know for sure. The important thing is that the guitar was completely unharmed and is now the recipient of Anderson’s “Luckiest Guitar of the Year Award,” bestowed by Tom on wonderful instruments that look total annihilation in the face and smile back.

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