Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of October, 11 1999 through October, 18 1999

Cobra S
Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Deep Ocean Blue with Binding

The color, Deep Ocean Blue has become quite a bit more popular since a picture of it appeared on our website sometime back I think it greatly effected the lives of two very good men.
Just look at what it did to Justin. This is his guitar. He ordered it from, the always helpful, Brian at Brook Mays in Dallas TX. Look at it, deeper, look deep into a Deep Ocean Blue Cobra S with natural maple binding (it even looks way way better in person). The top is beautifully figured maple and like all Cobras the backing wood is mahogany. The neck is mahogany as well with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. This wood combination, along with its shorter 24 3/4 inch scale length, yield a fat, thick, midrange concentrated tone. But the best thing about the Cobra's fat sound may be that it is fat with articulation. It is just articulate enough to produce clear rhythm parts that don't become "lost in the mix" and with its six possible pickup combinations and Anderson designed twin humbuckers, it can also produce single coil tones that are surprisingly rich. Many musicians have called the Cobra the most versatile short scale guitar they have played and I don't even think we paid them to say that.
Justin's guitar is equipped with H1- and H2+ pickups. They are mid-powered humbuckers that are sonically balanced. This means you can set up your amp for a big bridge tone and them flip to all other pickup combinations without needing to re-EQ.
You haven't really lived until you have played a Cobra with an X-bridge. An X-bridge creates great plugged-in acoustic guitar tones that you can blend with the electric guitar sound or play alone. Cobra's natural wood tone really brings out the best in the X.
This guitars tone was so nice that I was kind of hoping that Justin would change his mind and want another color. I could take this guitar home and never bring it back. Even the unplugged tone of this guitar was so rich. It had a very mature wood tone. Justin is a lucky lucky guy.

Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Hollow Basswood
Deep Ocean Blue with Binding

Another lucky guy is a wonderful fellow named Brian. He also got a Deep Ocean Blue guitar but his is a Hollow Drop Top Classic. He ordered it with some very unique options that make the guitar perfect for his playing.
To begin with, what makes this one a bit different is that Brian wanted it strung with a set of .012 gauge strings. Man, did this guitar sound fat. The tone is rich and gorgeous. He also chose a fixed bridge instead of a vintage tremolo bridge. The fixed works well with the larger string gauge because it slightly tightens the bottom-end tone.
He opted for 3 Anderson single-coil-sized pickups, an SA1, SA1R and SA2+. We usually see Drop Tops with a single, single, hum pickup configuration or hum, single, hum configuration. But again, this was the perfect choice for this guitar. The sound is huge, rich, fat, single coil tones that are very well balanced with each other so you can use all pickup combinations effectively. And speaking of pickup combinations, on this guitar they are manipulated with our Switcheroo switching system. The Switcheroo has 4 toggle switches. One switch for each pickup and a "blower" switch. The individual pickup switches turn on each pickup in series, split or parallel and the "blower" switch will instantly take you to the bridge pickup full power--for soloing. However, Brian thought it best to have his "blower" switch rout to the neck since he has 3 single-coil-type pickups--another great choice.
And isn't this thing totally beautiful? I love this one. Brian will have many years of fabulous music from his dream instrument.

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