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The Week of October, 31 1999 through November, 8 1999

Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Translucent Amber with Binding

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go is not just a silly song. In fact it is not bad advice at all if you consider what Granny has—well Chris at Granny’s Music Mall in Oklahoma City, OK, to be specific. This Cobra is probably arriving on their doorstep as we speak.
I know Chris will be blown away. Not only is this guitar strikingly beautiful but it has “the tone.” I picked it up to play it unplugged before we sent it to Granny’s house and it was so loud and so rich, I was thrilled. You’d think by now I’d be use to how wonderful all these guitars sound and play but when something is so great the thrill never lessens.
Have you ever played an Anderson unplugged and just listened to it acoustically? You haven’t really lived until you do. It is so rich and so clear and it feels as though it will ring forever. It is no wonder the pickups are able to reproduce such a beautiful, full, clear tone. When a guitar has such a wide and rich frequency response, all you have to do is dial the amp for the frequencies you want to emphasize instead of wishing your guitar would make a tone it doesn’t even produce. It is very nice.
Like I said, Chris is going to love this guitar although I think he believes the neck will be inlayed with pearl emus. I kept telling him that it is the other fine company that inlays birds and no one does emus but he seems to have his heart set on emus. What is an emu anyway? Well, it is a large flightless Australian bird resembling an ostrich but slightly smaller. He is a fun man and he does know great guitars. Let’s talk more about this one.
It is a Translucent Amber color with the natural wood binding edge. The body is a very figured maple top on a mahogany back and the neck is all mahogany with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. The scale length of all Cobras is 24 & ¾ of an inch. This shorter string length in combination with Cobra’s wood type, produces a thicker more concentrated mid-tone than does the longer 25 & ½ inch scale length. The sound is very powerful and musical. Due to Cobra’s precision neck to body joint, wood processing and bridge type, just to name a few, the Cobra’s frequency response and sustain is much greater than you would expect from a guitar of this scale length, making it perhaps the most versatile guitar of its type.
This particular Cobra is equipped with our mid-power H1- and H2+ humbucking pickups. They are controlled by our special Cobra 5 way switching system that extrapolates six very usable sounds from these two amazing pickups.
Well, excepting the lack of emu inlays, Chris will think this is a perfect guitar. And who are we to argue? He is a smart guy. Let him show you this Cobra before it is too late.

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