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Drop Top
Maple Top on ?
Burnished Orange Burst with Binding

Anderson Alert! This is the most important Guitar of the Week you will read this year. Please take a moment and pull up your chair.

So what is Guitar of the Week anyway—a collection of pictures and specs about our gorgeous guitars?

No…well yes…but more…a lot more.

If you have ever read, even one, Guitar of the Week over the last decade you know what it really is all about. Guitar of the Week is really about you and your musical dream—how we can best listen, understand, support and facilitate that for you—with Rock & Roll-style humor thrown in for good measure.

But there is more to it than that.

It is about recognizing the gift in every person that allows the creation of music and beauty. It is the way of the true artist. We try to make a guitar worthy of all that.

But there is even more, for Guitar of the Week has pointed to the magnificence that is the real essence of everyone and the limitless love that surrounds us all.

So I guess I was not completely surprised when Anderson Guitarworks received this email and picture from Mike Pesta:


I'm not sure if you're still out there but here's a pic I know you'll like.

Currently, my son and I are at St. Jude's Hospital in Tennessee battling a grade three brain tumor (and every doc says we are going to win this fight).

I asked Jake which guitar he would like to bring along for the trip and he picked the mighty Tom Anderson, so here's a pic of St. Jude, Jake and Tom (the guitar) and myself in front of the main entrance.

Take care,

Mike Pesta

Of course, we replied with resolute words of support. Mike filled us in on a few more of the details.

“St. Jude’s has now sent us to the University of Florida to use their new Proton Beam Radiation Therapy. So Jake and his Tom Anderson (and it is his – trust me) are on the move to Florida for a little state of the art Proton Beam Therapy and then back to Jude’s for chemo therapy and follow up.”

“It’s really nice to have something special from home when you’re so far away and the end doesn’t seem in sight.”

Take care,

Mike & Jake

To Jake and Mike and all the rest of your family,

All of us at Anderson Guitarworks love you and send you our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Jake, we are very honored that you would choose to take your Anderson Guitar with you on this journey of healing. We built that guitar with a tremendous amount of love just for you, so as you look at it and play it and listen to your dad play to you, know that all of us are with you, in our thoughts and in our hearts. Get well soon.

Jake, also know that the thousands and thousands of people all over the world who read Guitar of the Week have you in their prayers and are sending you good wishes and positive thoughts—right now. Jake, literally the whole world is your friend—helping you get better and better each day.

And to you Mike: You are the best dad ever. You make this world a better place. Hang in there. There is an end in sight now for nothing can stand in the face of Love—nothing! Everything melts in its presence as though it has no substance or strength to prevail—because it does not. How else could it be with Unconditional Love? All will be well.

And one more thing: My journey through life has shown me much and through it all I have tried to pay attention to see what is really real and what is not. I have seen miraculous healings—many of them—more than I can even begin to count—complete transformations to wellness again—that is what is really real—it happens in every way to many people everyday. Hey, just look at Lance Armstrong. Jake, if you don’t know who he is, he is a professional bike rider. He had what you have and now he is completely well, happy, healthy and stronger than he ever was before. And when he got well he won the world’s biggest bike race (Le Tour de France) 7 times in a row. No other bike rider has ever been able to accomplish something so amazing. He says the disease actually helped him to be better than he had ever been before.

Now, stop reading for a moment!

Look up from the screen and quietly look around the room. Notice the Stillness and Spaciousness that allows everything in the room to exist and to have its place. It is Peace! It is for you. It is with you always. It has been said that we have come here to be transformed from the mediocre to the miraculous. Now is that time. Be well!


So this is the section normally reserved to list the guitar’s physical specifications but I do not know all of them for I have only seen this guitar again as you see it. But this much I know for sure:

• MODEL: – Drop Top

• FINISH: – Burnished Orange Burst with Binding

• BODY WOOD: – Quilted Maple Top with…

• NON-PHYSICAL SPECS: Completely Magic Guitar filled with Love and Healing just for Jake! Nothing else really matters anyway.

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