Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of November, 29 1999 through December, 6 1999

Baritom Classic
Swamp Ash
Sparkle Silver

Does it seem like déjà vu? (Check out “Guitar Of The Week” just two weeks ago.)

The night was very still when I once again stepped out the front door of Tom Anderson Guitarworks into the cool night air. The moon shone brightly. Believe it or not, another very special guitar for Electric City Music in Kaukauna, Wisconsin needed to be delivered. But this would be different—very different. I fired up Steve Muller’s Harley, that for some unknown reason was still parked outside of the factory, and roared off.

“Let's see now,” I thought as the wind rushed past me, “Wisconsin is east from California so I’ll go…west—as far west as I can possibly go.” You see I want this guitar! No, I really want this guitar! Really! Want! Guitar! Do I sound like a bit of a baby? Well, have you checked out this guitar yet?

It is a Sparkle Silver Baritom with a solid swamp ash body and a maple/Indian rosewood neck. Don’t you just love the Silver Sparkle? For starters, a Baritom is a 28 5/8th-inch scale length. This longer scale length allows for lower tunings without the usual floppy strings or loss of normal feel and clarity that a regular guitar can experience when it is tuned down.

I use to think that this was absolutely the best guitar you could ever play if you tune down because the sound is so huge yet it possesses a sweet clarity that will not allow it to be buried in the mix. I was wrong! Well maybe not wrong but limited in my thinking. This guitar not only does all that stuff but it is also the “other guitar” you’ll want to use in many of your normally tuned songs as well. If the other guitar player in the band is playing one of these, it can add such depth and dimension. I can’t begin explain how big it makes a song sound. This type of effect can be heard in a tune such as The Beatles’ “Back In The U.S.S.R.” I’m just sure Paul would love one.

There’s still more! You should hear this create a “Heavy Metal/Hard Rock” or any giant, distorted tone. It not only has the low B string of a 7-String Guitar but all the strings are bigger sounding so the whole guitar is way-huge sounding.

This one is equipped with a vintage tremolo bridge and a single/single/hum pickup configuration. The pickups are weaker than what you’d normally expect since the guitar is naturally much more powerful. They are SD1R- for the neck, SD1- for the middle and an HO1+ for the humbucker in the bridge. It sounds strong! These Baritoms can be ordered with almost any Anderson option and tuned anywhere you’d like. We equip them with different string gauges to suit different tunings.

Dennis at Electric City had originally ordered this guitar for the store but one of his very intelligent customers snagged it for himself before we completed building it. Man is he going to be happy. Or is he? Right now I am headed west with the wind in my hair and I’m not coming… Oops, that’s right, Tom Anderson Guitarworks is only about 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean and as it says right there in the owners manual, “Playing your new Anderson guitar under water may void the warranty.” Okay, it’s back to Wisconsin.

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