Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of December, 24 2001 through January, 1 2002

T Classic
Seafoam Green

Happy Holidays from all of us at Tom Anderson Guitarworks. May the spirit of the Season and the New Year renew our commitment to create a world as it was meant to be—a place of peace, joy, love, caring, support, prosperity and abundance. Let us all participate in bringing this to fruition.

The guitar Dave is holding a Seafoam Green, T Classic with 3 pickups. It is going to Gelb Music and it is spectacular…but more on that later.

Believe it or not, Santa really read us the entire story of The Grinch while we were at the photo shoot and we all applauded when it was over. We love Santa!

Let’s meet your friends at Tom Anderson Guitarworks!

Back Row beginning at the top left and moving right is:
♪ Chuck—still believes in Santa and wondering where Tom went to
♪ Laurie—swinging on her trapeze
♪ Eric—in shock
♪ Dave W—holding Seafoam Green, T Classic, of course he’s happy
♪ Tino—sporting the first Tom Anderson Hat

Next row forward, beginning at the left and moving right is:
♪ Benny Action Fugure,12-inches tall, Available at all Toys "Y" Us stores
♪ The real Santa
♪ Bruce—on Santa’s lap listening intently to the story
♪ Roy—hugging his favorite material object
♪Byron—singing his favorite Christmas song

Front row, beginning at the left and moving right:
♪ Rachel—sporting Polartec
♪ Dave P.—too shy to turn around
♪ Ben—stopped in from surfing
♪ Charles—asking you for help
♪ Jesse—keeping his face hidden by his hat so his secret identity is still safely intact
♪ Lenny—busy breaking his foot in 2 places
♪ Ralph—his guitar contains the first VA3

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