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Anderson Guitarworks

“Happy 30th Birthday”

As we have said for the last 30 years (and that's a long time—longer than Leo Fender was at Fender), “We are a small American Company dedicated to creating the world's finest feeling, playing and sounding electric guitar—period!” 

Also, we love it when our guitars look good—

and they certainly do that—but, without sacrificing any playability or sonic depth.  That's one of the keys: no frills or trendy gismos before tone and flawless function.


Everything has to flow with excellence and grace—all working in “concert” for the whole, bringing forth the best playing experience imaginable.


With great honor and reverence to traditions of the past, we want your new Anderson Guitar to be your best guitar, by far—no comparison.


How it's done here at Anderson Guitarworks—and why:


We can maximize all of these desirable attributes by not making giant hordes of guitars but by making a smaller number and taking the time to do it all just right. 

Each and every guitar is a special individual to us because we are making each and every guitar for a very special individual—you. 

With this process, all details of every guitar get the attention it, and you, deserve—from start to finish—no exceptions—whether you're Keith Richards or you're not Keith Richards—it's all good. 

Everyone is equally important.

Isn't that the way it should be—everywhere in the world?


Just a few of the many Anderson assets include:


Necks: carved to your specifications (one of our 14+ available neck shapes) and then allowed to acclimate to the environment in their new form for a month (at least, no rushing here either) before the precision fingerboard radius is finalized and your choice of Anderson stainless steel frets installed.

     The result is a neck of unparalleled stability and playability

Stainless Steel frets:

Each body and neck are specifically made for one another and then precisely “fit” together.

A–Wedgie neck joint is vastly superior, sonically as well as structurally.

(You will have to smash the body to bits to move this neck out of position—certainly not recommended—although we did have one whose girlfriend tried this out in the streets of New York with a hollow Drop Top.  Even though the body was in two pieces, the neck and body were still in perfect alignment.  Really makes you love getting A–Wedgie—the Anderson kind, of course.  And because A–Wedgie is a revoltuonary bolt–on design, parts could be replaced and the guitar ended up as good as new.)



Paint is meticulously applied—a proprietary ultraviolet light process that always yields an ultra thin and breathable finish so the instrument's resonance is never impaired but always imparted.

Hardware is hand selected and many parts are Anderson–modified and assembled to insure superior function in every way. There are no compromises here either.  Want some for instances:


Our vintage tremolo bridge is now exclusive made to our meticulous specifications and assembled in-house with specially-selected components for superior function, tone and feel.





All Bigsby bridges are Anderson-modified and consequently play wonderfully in tune.  You can jump on this like a diving board.








Each and every Floyd Rose bridge is individually radius-calibrated to perfectly match neck radius.







Tuner buttons are specifically selected to give a vintage look while underneath is the highest level of tuning function, ease and precision.









Anderson Advantage: Twin Rear Strap Buttons ensure your guitar will not topple over during a quick break in your playing action, while equally comfortable to strap on with greater adjustment.

(pictured left: Cobra Special finished in TV Yellow and loaded with a balanced set of three M–series pickups)

(pictured above: Drop Top with flame maple top, finished in Natural Blue with Natural Mahogany back.


Anderson Pickups:


So many models available for your sonic pleasure that we would have to go back and count to know how many we actually now offer.  All of our pickups are built and wound in our factory using only the finest materials—some exclusive to Anderson alone.  All are tone-developed and tested in Anderson guitars for Anderson guitars.

Anything from:

Vintage or modern, sweet or aggressive, we have it all and it is all good—very good.














The process is such a fun one here at Anderson Guitarworks:

We spend countless hours listening, testing, and playing our instruments and our pickups (we really do this, and we like it…a lot).

The process begins with the creation of the most precise and comfortable bodies and necks possible. We accomplish this by choosing only the finest and most beautiful woods from select lumber mills. Our design and manufacturing process utilizes the best of both old and new world craftsmanship. Ground breaking computer-aided technology is used to achieve the most exacting tolerances found in the guitar industry, while the fine-detail woodwork and beautiful finish-sanding are done by the hands of a master.

To best compliment and allow you to further fine tune the sound of your Anderson guitar, we offer many models of pickups. They are all designed and wound in our own pickup shop for optimum tone. And you could also call the excellence of our internal wiring "a work of art". A guitar this refined and this functional can't just show up to the gig without something decent to wear. Well, take a look. Our gorgeous paint jobs are done using a revolutionary new ultra violet light-curing process that was pioneered here. It allows the instruments full tonal potential to be uninhibited while setting a new level of beauty for our guitars. The final process is the coming together of all these precision parts in just the right way to enable each and every Anderson guitar to achieve its maximum playability and sound. This process produces a wonderful instrument with lush, rich tones that looks beautiful and "plays like butter". What does this all mean? It means a guitar of unparalleled quality, and no matter which model of Anderson you choose, you are getting that same level of excellence. Our models vary only in their look, wood choice and sonic character. We offer this variety so you can choose an instrument that will bring out your personal best tone.