From the moment Cobra first appeared on the scene in 1992, its popularity has been utterly overwhelming.  Everyone who touches one, seems to want one—and rightly so.

But why?

Cobra is one of the only guitars on Earth (maybe the only one) that is a perfect blend between the formidable sonic muscle of a short scale guitar and the musicality of a long-scale guitar.  And the only way to get this wonderful bend is aboard a Cobra (or Cobra S).  This is why Cobra is the favorite guitar of so many players.

In short: Cobra is a short-scale guitar. 

A shorter, 24 3/4-inch scale length means less string tension, fatter mids, and greater easy of bending and reaching. 

Cobra derives much of its muscle and focused, aggressive midrange by virtue of a mahogany foundation.  The Cobra body is attentively hand-selected pure mahogany, crowned by an exotic wood top—usually beautiful, figured maple. 

Cobra's neck is a sleek and fast mahogany back, embraced by a premiere rosewood fingerboard. 

But Cobra has a "bite" that will predominate through any mix—on stage or in the studio—giving more life and dimension to every musical passage—an aspect that is usually difficult for most short-scale, mahogany guitars to achieve.

It is Cobra's geometry that grants this gift, with its flat neck-to-body alignment and string-through-the body bridge choices, saddle tension is increased and clarity is exalted.

For many, many players, Cobra is the perfect, "I can do it all, and more" guitar.

Most often seen with a twin humbucker layout, Cobra can also be had with 2 or 3 PQ-series pickups, 2 or 3 M-series pickups or a blend of Ms and Humbuckers. Now that is versatility.

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