Cobra Special

In guitar jargon the word “special” denotes an all-mahogany body, so yes, you guessed it, Cobra Special is a Cobra that features an all-mahogany body (no maple top on the body).  It speaks with a huge, rich mid-focused voice.

Cobras of all varieties, (Anderson Cobras of course, not the cars or the serpents) feature a 24 3/4-inch scale length and mahogany-based construction to further accentuate its mid focus might.

Cobra Special can be equipped as you  desire, with any of our humbucking pickups or our wonderful Soapbar-style pickups.

The shorter 24 3/4-inch string-length in combination with its:

...create a very fat, powerful and concentrated mid-range tone. And when you include the aforementioned pickups, you have the most beautiful sounding and structurally stable guitar of this type found anywhere.