Quick overview:

Oh yes, so the whole deal with any and all members of the Cobra-Family is:

If you have been doing any Cobra gazing then you probably already know that this is the defining character of the Cobra clan.  This is what makes all Cobras stand apart (and eclipse) everything that comes close.  Cobra will easily cross seemingly-defined musical boundaries, allowing one amazing guitar to play through many styles with ease and dominance. 

Specialness of the Special:

And as we said a page back:

The unique attributes that make the

Cobra S Special so special are:

An all-Mahogany body is the matrix for focused and prevailing midrange tones that “run the show.”  Fat and full, with Anderson-sustain well intact, but without the contributing “bite” that a maple-topped body provides to the upper mids.  All-Mahogany body means fat and full with smooth definition.

In an all-out playing situations, Cobra S Special hangs onto you like a well-refined Anderson "S" should—balanced, nimble and familiar with super comfortable Anderson-body contours.  This is one of the reasons that Anderson “S-players” love this style of guitar so very much.  And now you can have that and Short-Scale, Mahogany distinction too.

Laid into this foundation, any of our full-sized humbuckers will sing with an authoritative voice and split-down (single coil-like tone) to an unparalleled parallel tone as well. 

Load PQ–series coils into this very special Cobra S Special and the Soapbar pickup world is yours so clean up.  (A little play on words there—very little.)  But seriously, in a Special, we have been happy witnesses to the dominance and superior musical nature that our quiet-operating PQ pickups bequeath. 

Simply put: PQ pickups aboard a Cobra S Special or Cobra Special deliver the fattest and fullest single coil tone to be found anywhere, while still retaining a beautifully pleasing stringy character, without being the least bit harsh.  There is no muscular single coil equivalent to this arrangement—for sure.

And if that was not enough to make you never stop smiling while you play, imagine (you really don't have to imagine because in the world of Anderson this is reality) all of the aforementioned sonic advantages performing peerlessly—in tune, with all overtones resonating in sympathetic consensus—harmoniously lush chord voices.  This means unprecedented musical sweetness.

And these are just some of the things that make a Cobra S Special so special.

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