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Drop Top features a beautiful piece of book matched flame or quilted maple, koa or walnut that is actually bent (or "dropped") over a tonewood body-back to create the same comfortable forearm contour of our other models.

As a result of this design, we've chosen a body top thickness of 3/16 of an inch, which actually enhances and richens the sonic character of the instrument. The result is a guitar that not only plays effortlessly, is extremely comfortable, and sounds amazing but is so darn good looking that if you don't dress well it just may upstage you.


 Today, along with your choice of flame or

 quilted maple, walnut or koa top, Drop Top

 now offers four choices of body-backing tone-

 wood to bring the sonic character you desire

 from your "S" to bear on the bandstand.


When flying through the changes or manipulating just a few soulful notes, it is nice to have a neck that has been designed to do just that—play like butter and support every move you make with nearly effortless response, so all that you are playing flows seamlessly. 

To facilitate this fingerboard bliss that is just right for you, we offer a wide range of extremely comfortable neck backshapes and fret combinations.

Neck Wood for Drop Top—your choices are:

Any combination of Anderson pickups and electronic control are available for Drop Top

The Hallowed Hollow halls of:  Hollow Drop Top

Hollow Drop Top Any Drop Top can be had with with a customary solid body or with a hollow chambered body.  The hollow version utilizes visually undetectable sealed sound chambers inside the very same silhouette.  This model is known as Hollow Drop Top.

Why hollow?: The first and foremost reason to select Hollow Drop Top is weight reduction.  Our regular solid-body Drop Top is not a heavy guitar by any means (except in its heavy vibe, man).  But If an extremely lightweight, wonderful instrument is needed, Hollow Drop Top this is your answer.  It almost floats over your shoulder all night long.

Sonically, every guitar model responds slightly differently to hollow chambers.  Drop Top loves the treatment and Drop Top is very popular among players as a Hollow Drop Top—coveted for its sound as well as its lighter weight. 

Hollowing gives Hollow Drop Top a slightly softer touch to the attack of each note (each pick stroke).  Mid frequencies may be slightly softer while top and bottom frequencies reach scantily farther in each direction.  The overall experience is one of a softer, slightly less aggressive initial pick strike.  But Hollow Drop Top's exotic wood top helps to bring balance, keeping things from getting too laid back. 

From a sonic point of view alone, many players do prefer the sound of the chambers in cooperation with their favorite backing wood.

Deciding Factor • choose:

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