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                                                         Drop Top


                                               Hollow Drop Top

Oh yes, this is the guitar that started it all! 

Before Drop Top, the number of S-style guitars that had a maple top that was “dropped” or swooped over the top to create a comfortable forearm contour was exactly...0.

But with the introduction of the magnificent Drop Top in 1990, all changed and the “S” instrument could now have it's full contours, be a thing of astounding beauty and have ample amounts of tone wood backing its exotic wood top to sound rich and spectacular.

Over the years we have come to unlock even greater secrets of tone for the Drop Top and it is truly more spectacular than it has ever been.  Now we offer Drop Top with 4 different choices of tone-wood back—all of which are so impressive that all of your non-Anderson playing friends will not only stare at you in envy constantly but will want to play it every chance they get-—which is every time you are magnanimous enough to let them.

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