Drop T Classic Shorty is the same big deal as its traditional tonewood sibling, the T Classic Shorty—both are members of the new Short T branch of the Anderson T-family

Yes, any esteemed member of the entire T-family can now be had with a shorter 24 3/4-ich scale length, as well as the traditional 25 1/2-nch scale length.

Drop T Classic Shorty exhibits the same seamless playability and tonal distinctions as the T Classic Shorty—but with the added visual presence of a beautiful maple, koa or walnut top. It is visual virtue at its finest for feasting your eyes upon.

As with T Classic Shorty, Drop - Short T is a shorter, 24 3/4-inch scale length, traditional pickguard, T-style instrument, standing on a solid foundation of traditional "long scale" wood species to guarantee T-ness .tonalities will reign supreme.

.And if you haven read the description about T Classic Shorty (listed under Short T) yet you are probably asking yourself:

Wait...what?...Why short?  What are the benefits of shortening a traditional T-type?

But it is oh so good.  One strum and you'll know why.  At first you'll just think you are a “way-good” player, playing a regular "T" but once you analyze what is happening to you, you will notice: