Often we are asked the question, "Which is the most versatile guitar?  What is the one guitar that will do all styles most easily?" 

Before we answer we must acknowledge that the prevailing thought is: there is not one guitar that can do it all.  And if you are trying to specifically specialize in different sounds, that may be true.

...but after all, this is...

Anderson Guitarworks

And so we would like to say with confidence:

For all around everything—for an instrument that can cop all styles and not force you to change guitars all night long—the most versatile guitar on Earth (made by anyone) is the:

Drop T and Hollow Drop T,

Equipping yours with a humbucker / single / humbucker pickup layout will most easily unlock this versatility.

There are quite a few reasons why Drop T has such an extreme range.

If complete versatility is not your thing and you want the most elegant "T" guitar to deliver a more specialized sonic message, we merely need to equip this same guitar with a different electronic package and it can be as specialized as your needs require—so nice.

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