Surreptitiously, a Mongrel-like Anderson guitar has appeared from time to time over the last two decades—a speciality guitar into the hands of select artists only.

Until ... Mark Chatfield called, reigniting the Mongrel flame and casting a whole new light on the concept.  Mark plays with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band—for years—almost as long as there has been a Bob there has been a Mark.  Mark and Bob are both Cobra lovers (not the serpent but the guitar).

So, when Mark called to order his next Anderson guitar he made it clear how much he loves the way a "T" guitar hangs on stage when he is strapped in and in the midsts of the whole concert thing. 

But, the comfort of full body contours (like his Cobra) are required. 

Plus ... he wanted the styling of an S-pickguard and needed the added versatility and improved ergonomics its angled control layout brings—a perfect combination—a real Mongrel.

With a meeting of creative minds, Mark's Mongrel became a reality as:




So, in the world of guitars, Mongrel is any of our wonderful Anderson "T" silhouetted models with full and comfortable body contours, crowned with an "S" pickguard and usually (but it doesn't have to be) appointed with some kind of tremolo system—our Anderson-assembled Vintage Trem or Floyd Rose bridge.  All together this makes one superbly cool, familiar and yet totally unique guitar that possesses some attributes never before accessible in one instrument.