Many times in your mind you may have envisioned playing a vintage “T-style” guitar—imaged it as fluid, flowing and flawless, drawing your music forth without reservation because it's so darn easy to play and sounds so full and clear, all at the same time (is that even possible?).

But enough with the Fairy Tale stuff...or maybe not.

These types of mythological stories are based on a deep human longing for a balance and an emergence of the highest good. By tradition, Fairy Tales always end happily ever after.  Without a shadow of a doubt, the happy ending (and new beginning) to this tale is the:

                                                               Hollow T Classic


                                                                       T Classic                           


Think we are kidding?  Think we have gone too far?  Have we said something amiss?

Not even!

Just pick one up...just once...and strum it, hold it close and feel it resonate.  Listen to it ring out—even unplugged—and you will know for sure. All doubt will leave you forever. This is the "T" that will allow you to transcend all of your previous "T" trappings.

Oh yes, at Anderson Guitarworks fairy "T" tales really do come true.