T Classic Short T Drop T
Drop T Classic

Every Player needs at least one (or more—47 or so) Single-Cut of this genre in their guitar arsenal—for sure—too cool not to.  And to make you exceedingly happy we offer them in all variations and varieties to suit your most preferred playing preferences.

  • T Classic - Time-honored layout with many Anderson perks. 25 1/2-inch scale, traditional pickguard and control layout. Tone wood body, contours or not.

  • Short T - a T Classic, and its abundant assets, but within a “shorter” 24 3/4-inch scale length, easing playability and fattening tradition.
  • Drop T - Not a pickguard in site here but instead a stunning Maple, Walnut or Koa top astride a wonderful tone-wood back and full body contours. 25 1/2-inch scale length and almost any pickup configuration you can imagine.
  • Drop - T Classic - The majesty of a Maple (or other exotic wood) top crowns a tone-wood body with full body contours. Traditional pickguard and control plate punctuate this guitar with the deep roots of Rock. 25/1/2 inch scale.

  • Drop - Short T - It’s our Short T, and all of its sweet 24 3/4-inch attributes, blessed with a Maple (or other gorgeous wood choices) top to stun you and the audience, not only sonically but visually as well.

  • Mongrel - The call went out, "T & S-style guitars unite!"  And we responded with one amazing instrument.  Mongrel: "T" body framework, with full S-body contours overlaid with an S-guard and all the versatility and benefits it bestows. 25 1/2-inch scale length keeps S&T touch and tone linked to tradition.